Born Standing Up

Steve Martin just wrote a book called Born Standing Up. Here’s the NPR interview. Have a listen, I think you’ll like it. It also has some cool links on there. [One that I really, really like is Steve Martin’s crazy kids book called Wild and Crazy Alphabet Book. How awesome!] In the BSU interview, I most like Steve’s discussion and thinking on making people laugh. He realized that three things could happen after he told a joke 1. people could laugh and mean it 2. people could laugh automatically 3. or nobody could laugh. He goes on to say that his goal was to figure out how to make people laugh for real. Like when something hilarious happens at home growing up. The kind of events that are often really hard to explain. (I offer you examples like - Concept A, or Dad’s ping pong ball in the spider web, or PAHOEHOE). I think that Steve Martin is a great model for being funny. I also think Dad kinda has a Steve Martinesque quality. Don’t you? Please comment on this and some other hilarious memories from our family history!

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Dan • 11/28/07 11:03 AM:


Dan • 11/28/07 11:06 AM:

What about the ongoing unexpected comedy that is “Do it now! Do it quickly!”?

That quote has my vote for the title of the Madden book.

Dad • 12/09/07 11:07 PM:

The other night as I climbed into bed, I thought about our one-word sentence, “That’s ridick you louse” and couldn’t stop laughing. For sheer stupid silliness, it’s hard to beat that one.

Dad • 12/16/07 6:28 PM:

In an interview (well, book promotion) with Charlie Rose, Steve Martin gave his advice for success. “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Easy for him to say.

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