Adventures of Power

The world of Rush-geeks is abuzz with a movie that played recently at the Sundance Film Festival: Adventures of Power, a “Napoleon-Dynamitish” flick about an air drummer. The trailer looks pretty good, and it includes Michael McKean and Jane Lynch, who are both in the Spinal Tap/Best in Show/etc. troupe. The big deal about the movie is that Neil Peart has a part, playing himself. I’m planning on seeing it when I get the chance (I had the chance, I guess, living in Utah, but I didn’t know I had the chance, so I’ll have to wait for my next chance).

PatrickRecommendations02/08/08 1 comments


Dad • 02/09/08 1:34 PM:

I watched the trailer, and it looks like something I might have once considered funny. Now I’m just tired of it. Like figure skating and little girls gymnastics. I mean, you go ahead and see it. Never mind what I say.

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