Does the end justify the means?

Here is a contest we can all sink our teeth into. Six word memoirs. Maybe we could also require the use of all letters of the alphabet or haiku format to make it challenging.

I had four kids. All great.

DadGames02/09/08 6 comments


David • 02/10/08 2:00 PM:

No way Man! This was mine.

I was totally going to Maddenate this today (after reading about it last night).

Here are two from me.

It is all spaghetti to me.

Fighting with sibs. Always had dishes.

ps - your link doesn’t work.

David • 02/10/08 2:26 PM:

Actually, Dad had a different site in mind. I was referring to the NPR segment, which commented on the Smith article. Check out the photo gallery. Funny stuff.

Dad • 02/10/08 4:53 PM:

My link works now. The NPR segment is good too.

Tried to reach potential. Failed miserably.

I was never elected to anything.

Patrick • 02/20/08 8:20 PM:

Holy Moley, Dad. Your idea about pangram haikus six words long is awesome! Those’d have to be some pretty LONG words, but I am gonna try it.

David • 02/24/08 8:35 PM:

Is there gas in the car?

- a tribute to Mom and Family

Patrick • 03/04/08 11:49 PM:

No pangram haiku six worder yet.

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