Halliburton in Iraq

The fact that YouTube videos are 425 pixels wide is getting me a little itchy to change this site’s design every so slightly.

In any case, here’s an excerpts from a documentary about Halliburton’s excesses in Iraq. I understand the need to take such things with healthy suspicion (what is the rhetorical underpinning of these claims?), but this seems pretty legitimately evil.

PatrickNews05/04/08 1 comments


Dad • 05/08/08 10:27 PM:

There are indeed two sides to every story, but it’s hard to imagine what Halliburton could say to put a positive spin on these abuses. War profiteering has been around for a long time and the people who do it are evil. No less evil are the politicians who put Halliburton in a position to harm those in harms way and rip off American taxpayers. I’m sure this would never have happened if Dick Cheney were still running Halliburton. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be fighting the war!

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