Achieving your dream

By now, you know all about this, and may have seen this video of Randy Pausch’s “last lecture” at Carnegie Mellon University.
He also has a personal webpage where he chronicles his adventure. He has a very powerful message, which has great credibility, given the fact that he is dying of cancer. He says, among many other things, that if you life your life right, your dream will find you.

I think he’s right, but I’m still confused about why the world isn’t a better place. Listening to Randy maintain his positive attitude in the face of his agonizing prognosis is inspiring, but my life, as good as it is, is still a struggle. We can talk more about why all the motivation in the world doesn’t seem to make much difference, but I think the main problem is that we have so few good examples. That’s what makes Dr. Pausch so special. Almost nobody else we meet is living such as inspiring life. So we follow the example we see, and scare our dreams away.

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David • 07/28/08 4:46 PM:

The NYT Well health blog has an excellent post on Dr. Pausch’s legacy. It’s got all sorts of useful links and infos; very comprehensive.

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