Kathleen made a suggestion recently that has been made before and we should do. She suggested we create a calendar on this site for entering all our trips and activities so that the rest of the family can know what we’re all up to and make decisions and plans accordingly.

We used to have a little calendar in the right column on the home page that might still be available (at least functionally) to serve as a central calendar. There may be other calendars available on the web that we could use. The key needs are:

Privacy - we don’t want the world to know where we are and when our houses will be empty.

Ease of use - we don’t want it to be hard to use, but easy to use, so that we can use it easily and not have it be too hard.

Agreement to use it - everybody has to buy into the concept and use it regularly, even for tentative plans.

Punishment - there needs to be a substantial penalty for those who do something without telling their family. Like maybe they should be grounded for a period that varies with the seriousness of the offense.

Coordination - the two big reasons for coordinating are 1) don’t be gone when another family member is coming to visit you, and 2) maybe if somebody else is going somewhere, someone else might meet them there.

Anyway, let’s get on this.

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David • 07/05/08 10:16 PM:

So making plans and decisions accordingly works by planning and deciding to come to Chicago when I’m away - when I was the ONLY person to share my summer plans with everyone? Multiple times. Great job.

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