Mr. W

This might be my favorite commercial ever. It’s funny, clever, and creative. And beautiful. At first I didn’t get it, I must be dumb.

DavidInspirations07/24/08 3 comments


Dad • 07/25/08 12:14 PM:

Very funny, yes, and creative. However, the impact is lost after maybe the second time you see it. (I haven’t seen it except for your link.)

Patrick • 07/25/08 1:21 PM:

I wonder, since the commercial is for some kind of German company, 1) why is it in English? 2) why is Mr. W. French? Is this some kind of subtle dig on the French? Or an attempt at reconciliation (since Mr. W. ends up being very useful)?

Also, knowing that there is something to “get” about the commercial made me look for it, which meant that I “got” it rather quickly. But I may not have if I weren’t on high alert.

David • 07/27/08 8:36 AM:

Good questions, Pat. I assume they have different versions, depending on the location/market. Megan showed me the commercial only as “something very funny”. So my alert was somewhere else.

It won the Golden Lion Award in Cannes.

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