Project 10 to the 100th

I’m 99% serious. Let’s do this. We’ve got until October 20th. My toilet-seat-holder-upper might not qualify, so I’m thinking about something even more amazing. Who’s with me?!

DavidInspirations09/25/08 1 comments


Dad • 09/27/08 12:29 PM:

An interesting thought occurred to me as I watched the Google animation. It showed the water pots on the heads of African woman morphing into barrels with handles that could be pulled along the ground. They reminded me of those water-filled turf rollers people use to flatten their lawns. Maybe those water jugs balanced precariously on the heads of those talented women are not as hard to carry as we might imagine. In fact, pulling “rollers” over the rough ground might be more difficult and stressful than the poised and balanced water carrying that has been done for millennia. How arrogant of us believe that no African could have thought of rolling water barrels before. I suggest to you they thought of it, but rejected the idea because they already had a better way.

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