Party Like It’s Nineteen

Is it just me? I was looking up reviews of a board game called Colosseum, which we just played last night (excellent game, by the way). At the top of the list was one called Party Like It’s Nineteen. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

[side note: I think the hardest I’ve ever laughed, or can remember laughing, was with Dad’s “Put a Hat on Elderly Heroes of Europe” thing. HOLY MOLEY! I think I added a couple of years to my life with that one.]

For this title to be so funny, you have to have some context, sure, but it’s a classic. 1) You must know Prince’s song. 2) You must know the context of Colosseum (a Roman-themed game, if you haven’t guessed; but also themed on the Colosseum, which played host to the Roman circuses, aka “parties”). 3) You must enjoy small, unexpected variations on common phrases (which I do). One of my (admittedly bad) ones is “You might as well face it, you’re a dick.” [-ted to love] I think this is why we love to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” starting with “Me” and ending a syllable short. This is also why we love “Her Majesty,” with its unresolved ending.

Anyway, I doubt you’ll get the same pleasure I did, but you just might get a chuckle from my man Matt Drake’s little pun. It sure beats Weird Al’s “party like it’s 1699” from “Amish Paradise.”

PatrickFunnies09/28/08 4 comments


Patrick • 09/28/08 11:33 AM:

While I’m here, let me ask everyone to please remind me to write an essay called “Pahoehoe” someday (soon).

Dad • 09/28/08 1:50 PM:

My man Drake?(plant)

Dad • 09/28/08 1:56 PM:

Note above the example of a link that didn’t completely work [apparently] because it contained an underline.

Patrick • 10/03/08 12:36 AM:

I kind of bet it was the parenthesis that threw off the link.

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