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Here’s a cool link to an article put out by The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar: right here. I just tried to insert a link and hope it worked! Anyway, I think it’s an interesting article and you all might enjoy it. Check it out.

KathleenExplanations03/31/09 4 comments


Dad • 03/31/09 10:28 PM:

Holy cow! Somebody sent me this same link in and email earlier today! (Oh, that was you.)

I thought there was going to be a little quiz with ratings to actually tell you how much of a fussbudget you are.

What really rankles me is that words like “presently” have pretty much lost their original meaning because they sound like they mean something else.

David • 04/21/09 3:07 PM:

Dad, you are a word-dinosaur. Things change, words change, people change. We no longer speak like Shakespeare, do we?

In related news, Nabokov uses the word ‘presently’ correctly, and quite often in his book, Lolita.

Kathleen • 04/23/09 2:05 AM:

For at least 15 or more years, I recall our family saying that the world was using “presently” incorrectly, but it wasn’t just Dad saying it… I recall that it was most of you boys. So don’t blame Dad - unless he’s still insisting that people use it incorrectly. Look it up, Dad, it’s got two definitions!

David • 04/24/09 8:33 PM:

Well, that’s partly true. But I’ve since stopped. Here is a link to a discussion a while back.

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