Pachelbel’s “Canon” / chord copying

For a couple or three years now, I’ve been hoping to write an essay called “Independent Redundancy,” which tackles questions of originality and creativity. My original test case is George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” vs. The Chiffons’ “He’s So Fine.” One of my former students, David Grover, mentioned to me that Pachelbel’s “Canon” was a great example of a song that’s been copied over and over, so I plan to explore that some day, too. Meanwhile, a comedian named Rob Paravonian has created a comedy routine around this very concept. I like how he does it. Check it out.

Also, I’m discovering more and more that in this day, when nearly everything is gooleable, there’s nothing new or original. You can think you had a cool idea, but just google it; someone else already had it.

PatrickFunnies05/18/09 1 comments


Dad • 05/19/09 10:27 AM:

This response by George Winston is pretty good.

“Gooleable”? By the way, who said “Nothing new under the sun,” and did they really say it first?

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