My tee shot

Here’s where my tee shot ended up on the fourth hole at Meadows last week. (I took an unplayable.)

trapshot 001crop.jpg

DadPictures10/04/09 4 comments


Dad • 10/16/09 1:56 PM:

OMG, amazing, holy cow, wow, LOL. Are you kidding me?

Kathleen • 10/18/09 4:15 PM:

You’re so funny, Pops! I think you made a good choice in taking an unplayable. I’d never heard of that before, but it sounds like a good way to describe it. There should be a name for that type of word - it’s really an adjective but someone was too lazy to drum up another word and just decided to make it a noun. But… I like it!

Dad • 10/21/09 11:06 PM:

In golf, they call it an unplayable lie, which allows you to, among other options, move 2 club lengths away and penalize yourself 1 stroke.

Dad • 10/22/09 4:52 PM:

I played golf again today and had another unplayable lie. My ball was perched on a mat of weeds above the water hazard. To hit it, I would have had to swing lefty while holding one of my clubs upside down. Some players actually do attempt this shot, but I didn’t feed up to it.

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