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The other day I was doing the final corrections/edits on my book. I mention the band Living Colour in there, and I wanted to check if there was supposed to be an umlaut over the u, so I Googled. I found out that they had recently released a new album. I listened to it and found it to be pretty good. Most interesting, though, was the series of links near the bottom of the Amazon page for Living Colour. It listed “similar” bands that were on tour. Among them was Alice in Chains.

Now, I didn’t know Alice in Chains was still around, since Layne Staley, their singer, died a few years ago. So I clicked through to find that they, too, had recently released a new album, called Black Gives Way to Blue. Since Jerry Cantrell also sings on some old AiC songs, I wondered if maybe he had taken over those duties.

He hadn’t. They’ve got a new guy, and no, it’s not Lenny Kravitz (even though he looks like him). I actually like what I can hear of the new album quite a bit. The new singer sounds enough like Layne Staley to make you think this is the same band, but he doesn’t sound like a cheap-o cover band singer (like the new singers for Journey, Styx, Judas Priest, Yes, etc.). So, I guess I’m saying check it out. And maybe buy me a copy for Christmas! And while you’re at it, you may like this video interview, in which AiC dresses up as KISS and then does some other stuff. (It’s too wide to fit on our blog page as an embedded file.)


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