Jack of all trades?

Just listened to the Charlie Rose interview with this guy, which was pretty neat and pretty depressing at the same time. Depressing because Myhrvold has done so much with his life it makes me feel like I’ve wasted mine.

But wait, does he have any kids?

DadInventions06/01/10 1 comments


David • 07/13/10 9:18 PM:

Yes, he does have kids. At least, he talks about them in his TED talk. I have to admit. I’m not impressed. His TED talk is one of the few, rare talks that’s not good. He is obviously an incredible nerd and it shows, he’s awkward and conceited. He does, however, seem to be a nice feller. The talk is just too self-serving… “I did this… I did that… I, I, I, blah blah blah”. Uninteresting. I’d WAY rather hear you (Pops) give a talk about your life. This guy is boring. Who cares.

Now, I started reading Malcolm Gladwell’s article about him. It’s good. Much better than the TED video.

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