Sonar Stealth

Yesterday, Pato and I invented a great Madden game. It is truly awesome. We’ll be playing this game forever.

We had gone to Boy Scouts for a special Thanksgiving-week meeting, and none of the other boys were there. But we had four adult leaders (Scoutmaster Jeff Ray, Jamie Stoddart, Scott Thayn, and me), and since Pato is the self-appointed troop Gamemaster, we decided to just go straight to the games portion of our meeting. Pato had looked up a game beforehand, and he’d brought along a small soft/plush soccer ball and a Danny Kinda bandanna. We tried at first to play the game Pato had looked up (one guy sits with his back to the ball and to the rest; they try to sneak up and steal the ball; he tries to catch them), but we were having trouble with the “rules” (or lack thereof), so we brainstormed a bit about what else we could play. Here is what (mostly) I came up with:

In a circumscribed space (we were using half a small basketball court), one guy stands blindfolded in the middle, holding the ball. When he calls “Go!” the rest are required to keep moving about. They can try to be quiet; they can stomp; they can crawl or roll on their bellies; but they can’t stop moving. When the blindfolded guy shouts “Stop!” everybody has to stop and can not move in the least from then on. Then the blindfolded guy tries to throw the ball and hit one of the others. (Remember that the others can’t move, even to dodge the ball.) He can hit them on the fly or on the bounce/roll, but not rebounding off the walls. We played (though this never happened) that he could use the backboard. If he hits, then the person who was hit now is the blindfolded guy. If he misses, he tries again (another player retrieves and gives him the ball again).

I’m sure we could devise a scoring system or complicate this game somehow, but we had a total blast playing it in its simple form. We had guys trying to run behind others, then stomp, to get the other person out. Lots of strategies developed organically as we played, and it was a joy to see four grown men acting like kids again.

Let us play Sonar Stealth (aka “Blindball”) when everyone’s here for Christmas!

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