An outrageous poem

This is a poem I uncovered while paging through a Google search on my great grandfather’s name. I make no...

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Parabolas from RadioLab

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Madden Nation on ESPN

Madden Nation has made it big, while Maddenation remains our own private thing.

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Literary Characters Named Madden

How many Maddens can we find in literature?

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School Spirit

We are N D.

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Toxic Seaweed

It has become another example of an ecological disaster wrought by humans tampering with the natural order.

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Computer Train 2

"Can we get to Convent in 30 minutes, or would it make sense to try for another station closer to here?"

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A conversation with Lorraine Howard

I got a strange phone call tonight after mom had gone to bed early.

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First Impressions

The thesis of Gladwell's book is that first impressions, snap judgements if you will, are better than you think.

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Live fast, die young

From bacteria to blue whales, all obey the same equation!

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It’s definitely Luca Brassi

Who is that thug?

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Ancestors, big and small

Like nanotechnology that's alive!

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Atomic Spies

...a classic case of code breaking by a top-secret project called Venona.

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Thar she blows

I know from past experience that you can't just leave the cover loose because the wind blows it off.

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“Looking it up” to save your life

Use those reference books. They may just save your life. They saved Neil Peart's.

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Hey, yo. I’d like to know what the plans are for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m proposing that we perhaps go...

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Big Fish

As boring and staid as it sounds, all of my stories have been completely true.

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Best Movie Lines

Amazingly, the first four entries in this Entertainment Weekly list of "Best movie lines ever" are from _The Princess Bride_.

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Those little serendipitous confluences

Don't you love when something subverts itself, almost unwittingly?

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The Meaning of Relativity

In other words... the fact that light speed is everywhere the same leads irrefutably to the conclusion that E = mc2.

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Petra=rock, oleum=oil. Why did this never click before?

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With a name like Smucker’s

What does it mean to have a name like Smucker's?

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Phone tag

Tonight, we wanted to talk to Patrick and Karina because we still hadn’t finalized our plans to visit them for...

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I’m still writing my talk for Church tomorrow. Woe is me. I came across some interesting information, though. You know...

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Polythene Pam

You should see Polythene Pam. She’s so goodlooking but she looks like a man. You should see her in drag...

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Six Degrees of Separation

I read an interesting article in the Star Ledger today about “six degrees of separation,” that well-known conjecture about how...

DadConnections08/08/03 3 comments

Hi and Lois and Apple

Some recent revelations, connections in my brain of things that have been there all along, one independent, one read: After...

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Synchronic Workings of the Intelligence

Writing about Charles Darwin’s view of the people of Tierra del Fuego (“he lapsed into that common failing of naturalists:...

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Anyway, Dad was talking about how Dan did a good impersonation of Neil Diamond live. Then we were talking about...

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In Episode 21 of my Fulbright Diaries, I used the word vituperation, which means something like violently harsh, abusive criticism....

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La Rochefoucauld

I just wanted to register here another of those “see it once, then see it everywhere” moments. Do we have...

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Poetry and Meaning

Dad and I were talking a little bit about the meaning of poetry because I gave him a poem to...

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Month Names

Holy moley! Add this to the collection of things that have been around you all your life, but which you...

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“OK” Signs Interlocked and Moved Back and Forth

I am a Jedi Knight, like my father before me. I always wanted to say that! And that’s how I...

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See How They Run

Stockings needed mending? See how they run? Stockings? Run?

PatrickConnections03/13/03 8 comments

Mundane Behavior

He talked about a "rapidly expanding genre" that could be lumped together under the rubric "mundane studies."

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Ozzie and Ozzy

I was talking with Dad tonight on the phone and, in that way that things go easily from one topic...

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Patrick and I were having one of those rambling conversations today where we touched on everything, but each kept returning...

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La Villa Strangiato/Cartoon Network

I was overhearing a self-promoting Cartoon Network commercial just today and suddenly it clicked that I was hearing part of...

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The Dutch People

An AP article on p. 2 of the Star Ledger on 2-17-03, describes a recent change in plans for the...

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An Essay

"God never wrought miracle to convince atheism, because his ordinary works convince it." An essay about why atheists are wrong.

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