My massive body

Using the BMI formula on my height, I "should" weigh 200 pounds.

DadConspiracies08/04/10 2 comments


Ah, I see, it’s a conspiracy. I can now get on to the site, but I can’t comment! I need...

KathleenConspiracies08/11/08 2 comments

Better living through chemistry

I coulda been a contender if only I had had more talent.

DadConspiracies12/18/07 0 comments

Credit scams

Get rid of all your credit cards NOW!

DadConspiracies03/27/07 1 comments

Regis Philbin rigs BCS bowl selections

I was trying to look up the day/time of the OSU/FLA game and ran across this blog on whether or...

DadConspiracies01/04/07 3 comments

Truth in scholarship?

BYU physics professor was a founding member of a group that believes the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled explosive charges.

DadConspiracies01/03/07 0 comments