Tree House, Anyone?

Um, this could be awesome, people. Where the heck is the link button? It was here last time!...

KathleenExperiments04/23/09 1 comments

Split brain

Bet this would help you to do that “6” with you hand while your leg circles in the opposite direction...

DadExperiments03/01/09 1 comments

How Many People Can You Fit in a Car?

22 people in a Mini Cooper!?

PatrickExperiments04/29/08 0 comments

Physics simulations you can do

I found a physics flash animation ssite you might enjoy. David might want to use some of these in class...

DadExperiments04/24/07 0 comments

Happy New Year: Sword Opening Champagne Style

Totally awesome sword-opening-champagne technique!

DavidExperiments12/31/06 1 comments

Space bubbles

Hey, check out this site....

DadExperiments11/30/06 1 comments

Age and the Window for Adventure

"Does Age Quash Our Spirit of Adventure?" is a story about why folks lose their spirit of adventure as they grow older.

DavidExperiments08/18/06 1 comments


"Dandelife":http://www.dandelife.com/ is a site that allows you to record stories and view them on a timeline.

DanExperiments07/18/06 0 comments

The power of the brain

I heard again yesterday that old adage about us using only 10% of our brains.

DadExperiments05/13/06 1 comments

Prayer and Science

Did God purposely allow this test to fail?

DadExperiments04/11/06 4 comments