Santa Catalina and the horizon.

On a clear day, you can see Catalina, the island of romance, even if you are prone on a surf board, with your eyes scant inches above the water.

DadExplanations06/07/09 1 comments

Time’s Winged Arrow

Why does time seem to move faster as we get older?

DavidExplanations04/21/09 1 comments

Grammar Lovers

Here’s a cool link to an article put out by The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar: right here....

KathleenExplanations03/31/09 4 comments

I beg your question

It means you've assumed the conclusion you're trying to prove

DadExplanations06/01/08 1 comments


Ever wondered what they mean by "margin of error"?

DadExplanations04/23/08 7 comments

Music Stars’ Real Names

Some of my favorites on the list of "Music Stars' Real Names":http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/realname.html...

DanExplanations06/18/07 0 comments

Beck’s New Album has an Unfair Advantage

Beck's new album, The Information,has been denied United Kingdom chart eligibility because "the U.K.'s Official Chart Company (OCC) has ruled that the album contains cover art and packaging that give it an "unfair advantage" and therefore will not be eligible to chart in the region."

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25 or 6 to 4?

"Waiting for the break of day" Do-do-do-do-danh, DANH!

PatrickExplanations08/24/06 2 comments

Jesus decoded

The Conference of Catholic bishops weighs in on The DaVinci Code.

DadExplanations05/28/06 0 comments

Abraham’s Descendents Explained

Just how many descendents _did_ Abraham have?

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Finding Easter

No one knew when Easter was exactly, although the consensus was that it was probably in March.

DadExplanations12/02/04 5 comments

spill-proof coffee carrier

It all started decades ago when I saw a short item in Scientific American about a "spill-proof coffee carrier" (SPCC).

DadExplanations/Observations/Stories11/25/04 5 comments

False Memories of Tommy’s Resurrection Explained!

This NPR segment, Biological Basis for False Memories Revealed , offers a scientific explanation behind some of your false memories...

DavidExplanations10/28/04 12 comments


About the ratio of real-world coin toss results, David Aldous, a statistician at the University of California, Berkeley applies, "This is a good lesson that even in simple things that people take for granted, there may be unexpected subtleties."

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As way of an explanation, I just wanted to say I’m very busy lately. I promised Patrick I would check...

KathleenExplanations01/29/04 1 comments

On Skipping Stones and Magic Angles

A Nature magazine articles reveals the scientifically proven best way to skip stones.

DavidExplanations01/07/04 3 comments

Neil Diamond

Okay, I just watched something weird. It’s called Neil Diamond’s Parking Lot. Two dudes take a camera to a Neil...

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Blogging As Advertising

Blogging can be a great marketing tool. Coudal.com runs one of the most well-known weblogs around, and they’re an ad...

DanExplanations11/07/03 2 comments


Pat and I were in the NJ kitchen one day cooking breakfast (toast) and we wondered aloud, “how the HECK...

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Tempus Fugit

This entry is a continuation of the comment I made on “Let’s Make a Deal”. A week or so ago...

DavidExplanations09/23/03 15 comments

Justification for the Blog

The author of an Economist review of James Thurber’s collected letters laments: One of the quiet losses of our era...

PatrickExplanations08/28/03 7 comments

Digital Retouching

i came across this website today: digital retouching. it’s cool. make sure you look at the “digital artist part. that’s...

DanExplanations08/12/03 1 comments

Practice Writing

I think it was during Dan’s graduation weekend that we got into a discussion about Maddenation, and the fact that...

DadExplanations06/04/03 1 comments


Tonight at dinner we had pat and pete over and dad was mentioning that he read somewhere that Pat Riley...

DanExplanations06/01/03 4 comments

What is Art?

a week ago i started reading on the internet about the definitions of art, mostly john dewey’s Art as Experience,...

DanExplanations05/28/03 3 comments

Andre the Giant has a posse.

Andre the Giant has a posse

DanExplanations03/24/03 8 comments


I, like David, find it more convenient to post a new entry to answer a question from a previous post....

PatrickExplanations02/22/03 1 comments