My choir director pointed out this link. Apparently it was made in 1972 by an Italian pop singer who wanted...

DadFunnies01/20/11 0 comments

BYU’s parody of Old Spice commercial

BYU's library does its parody of the Old Spice commercial

PatrickFunnies08/06/10 1 comments

Don’t want your feet in my mouth

Keen to rib him a little, I called back, "Hey, Pato! I wan cho feedo way ow!"

PatrickFunnies10/23/09 4 comments

The Most Epic Staredown Ever That Didn’t Involve Dad

Epic staredown between Frank Robinson and umpire Jim Wolf.

DavidFunnies09/21/09 1 comments

“I Like Turtles”

Why in the world is this so darn funny?...

PatrickFunnies08/25/09 2 comments

Funny Signs

Pictures of funny signs.

PatrickFunnies05/30/09 3 comments

Pachelbel’s “Canon” / chord copying

Pachelbel's "Canon" is everywhere is contemporary music.

PatrickFunnies05/18/09 1 comments

Coldplay Plagiarism? You Decide.

Coldplay is getting sued for plagiarism.

DavidFunnies05/11/09 5 comments

Party Like It’s Nineteen

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

PatrickFunnies09/28/08 4 comments

But do they have backward bike riding?

games, skills, contests, funny, balance

DadFunnies08/02/08 1 comments

Enjoying old entries

I just reread this old entry and laughed until my gut ached....

DadFunnies03/04/08 0 comments

Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like is a very funny blog.

DavidFunnies02/27/08 4 comments

Do Insects Think?

It really was more like a child of our own than a wasp, except that it _looked_ more like a wasp than a child of our own. That was one of the ways we told the difference.

PatrickFunnies02/20/08 1 comments

Short Shorts: It’s about time!

I predicted this a few years ago. I’m actually surprised it took so long. At the time, I think I...

PatrickFunnies12/31/07 1 comments

Death Star Trash Compactor

"Here are the problems, as I can ascertain them, with the Death Star's garbage-disposal system:"

PatrickFunnies12/07/07 3 comments

Born Standing Up

Steven Martin wrote a new book called "Born Standing Up"

DavidFunnies11/27/07 4 comments

Mascot smashcot

25 worst college mascots.

DadFunnies11/24/07 1 comments

Cracked Me Up

They're not laughing now!

PatrickFunnies10/24/07 1 comments

American Gladiators…Sweet!

I spent a lot of Saturday mornings watching American Gladiators with Mike Miller, but I don’t remember this flying kick...

DanFunnies07/12/07 1 comments

The Pitfalls of Having a Loving Dad

NPR's The Unger Report thanking Dad for raising good kids.

DavidFunnies06/19/07 0 comments

The volleyball recruit

I found this video on the Internet and thought it was kind of funny....

DadFunnies04/22/07 0 comments

Elect Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight for president!

PatrickFunnies03/15/07 1 comments

The Reviews from Maddennation

The slobs at Maddennation are bored by our site, therefore: dregs.

PatrickFunnies12/17/06 2 comments

Pie Chart

This pie chart is easy to read and understand.

DanFunnies12/05/06 1 comments

Worst sports interview sentence ever?

"To me, the respect factor was violated by Albert." --Jeff Fisher, Tenn. Titans

PatrickFunnies11/07/06 1 comments

iMac’s Photo Booth

One day at work I took a bunch of hilarious photos of myself. Here they are.

DanFunnies10/30/06 4 comments

Matrix Ping Pong

Matrix Ping Pong on google video.

DavidFunnies10/24/06 1 comments

The Lost Mac Ads

The Lost Mac Ads make fun of Mac Ads.

DavidFunnies10/17/06 0 comments

Interview with HAL

MotherJones interviews HAL 9000.

DanFunnies08/03/06 1 comments

Jack Handey: “This Is No Game”

"I went waltzing along, not caring where I stepped or if the other person even wanted to waltz."

PatrickFunnies07/18/06 6 comments

Geddy Lee on Tobogganing

Geddy Lee offers some tobogganing safety tips.

PatrickFunnies07/14/06 1 comments

The Evolution of Dance

A comedian does a lot of dance moves in a row.

PatrickFunnies/Movies/Recommendations05/19/06 1 comments

Spam poetry

"the plaything supposedly of vat is fraction the hemorrhoids! melt, to muted,"

PatrickFunnies04/13/06 2 comments

TBS LoTR commercials

TBS says "It's not easy being a tiny man with hairy feet, especially when you have the One Ring."

PatrickFunnies/Movies/Recommendations04/13/06 3 comments


Cheerioke is fun for all idiots.

DanFunnies04/05/06 2 comments

Public Service Announcements

I don't watch NBC's The Office, but after watching their April Fool's PSAs I think I'm obligated. These short video clips are hilarious.

DanFunnies04/03/06 3 comments


Clank-est! Thunk! Zamm! Zammm! Crunk-eth!

DanFunnies03/30/06 1 comments

Wiretapping Intelligence

The Onion's Infographic is on Wiretapping Intelligence.

DavidFunnies02/13/06 1 comments

Mock Movie Trailers

NPR does a segment on satirical movie trailers and spoofs.

DavidFunnies02/11/06 1 comments

I Would Like To Buy A Hamburger!

Have a look at The Pink Panther's trailers, starring Steve Martin.

DavidFunnies02/10/06 2 comments

Thinking About the Warming of the Globe

Will Ferrell plays George Bush and comments on Global Warming.

DavidFunnies02/02/06 3 comments


SHHH - the society for handheld hushing (from Coudal) made some nifty little cards to give to loud cell phone users.

DavidFunnies11/04/05 3 comments

Notre Dame Football Announces Improvements To Its Storied History

This is an Onion article about Notre Dame's improvements in their storied history.

DavidFunnies10/27/05 1 comments

Bush’s Speech Coach

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda," G. W. Bush

PatrickFunnies/Movies08/15/05 4 comments

Terrible Terry Tate

Terrible Terry Tate, office linebacker, is outrageously funny.

DavidFunnies07/25/05 4 comments

That hole in your heart

We all have an emptiness in our hearts that we're looking to fill.

DadFunnies06/24/05 8 comments

Hilarious Lord of the Rings parody scripts

Rod Hilton parodies movie scripts hilariously.

PatrickFunnies06/14/05 0 comments

Ninja of the Nasty!

This is a tribute to Dan, a real man of genius, and a silent killer gas passer. And to me....

DavidFunnies06/03/05 1 comments

Now Available in Neapolitan

This Innovative Products article from the Onion is funny. That’s why I’m assigning it to the Funnies category. I like...

DavidFunnies05/12/05 1 comments

It’s Transubstantialiscious, Baby!

Popapalooza is an NCAA tournament-style take-off on the upcoming conclave.

DavidFunnies04/14/05 1 comments

Tiny House

I love this commercial! "Tiny House" by Geico, is a masterpiece.

DavidFunnies03/20/05 6 comments

Jib Jab is a funny site. Have a look around. I think you'll laugh pretty hard.

DavidFunnies03/20/05 0 comments

Scale for masochists

She took a deep breath and said, "How depressing."

DadFunnies/News/Stories02/26/05 3 comments

GI Joe Kidnapped!

US soldier "kidnapped" by the Mujahedin Brigades in Iraq may really be a toy.

DadFunnies02/02/05 0 comments

The Meatrix

The Meatrix is a site on an anti-Factory Farm crusade! It has a cool little cartoon movie starring characters from the Holleywood blockbuster, The Matrix.

DavidFunnies01/31/05 3 comments

What about the interview of Geddy Lee?

Q: Was there any particular shampoo that you used at all, Geddy? A: Yeah. Well, I can see this interview is going into a very boring direction for me.

PatrickFunnies/Recommendations01/28/05 2 comments

Skeleton People

Archaeologists made a stunning discovery Monday, unearthing several intact specimens of "skeleton people"�skinless, organless humans who populated the Nile delta region an estimated 6,000 years ago.

DavidFunnies01/12/05 7 comments

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Dave Barry reviews several must-have gifts for the holiday season.

PatrickFunnies/Recommendations12/21/04 0 comments

Fish Flatulence!

I am pleased to make my triumphant return to Maddenation and offer you this article of great insight and intrigue....

DavidFunnies10/05/04 0 comments

Like links in a chain

Together, the chain is stronger than any of its individual links.

PatrickFunnies10/02/04 7 comments

Sergeant Tim McCarthy

Here’s an article from Notre Dame Magazine on everybody’s favorite Safety Sergeant, Tim McCarthy. It’s a pretty good one, and...

DavidFunnies09/14/04 1 comments

The five-minute university

Father Guido Sarducci pontificates on what college graduates actually remember after graduation.

PatrickFunnies08/26/04 2 comments

The MJ of Nerds

Basically, if The Sports Guy says it/writes it, I believe it. This weeks article, The Summer of the Jeopardy Guy...

DavidFunnies/News/Suggestions07/21/04 4 comments

My Karate Kid Shower

My Karate Kid Shower has been posted all over the internet, following my buddy Armin Vit’s link to it while...

DanFunnies05/13/04 2 comments

3-D photos

So the lesson for all of us is, never throw anything away. You might need it later.

DadFunnies/News/Stories04/08/04 4 comments

Mom & Leftovers

Dave Barry's take on house cleaning.

DavidFunnies03/14/04 1 comments

Short-term Learning

"Can we not celebrate Halloween anymore?" Immediately I worried that Pato had been proselytized by a friend's fundamentalist mother.

PatrickFunnies02/24/04 1 comments

Know as Much as Einstein

Though I've never seen a Woody Allen movie, I have read one of his columns.

DanFunnies01/19/04 2 comments

Broadway Joe and Christmas Cheer

Check it out. This webpage has a high quality quicktime movie of the famous Joe Namath interview where he said,...

DavidFunnies01/08/04 1 comments

The Octodog!

The frankfurter, aka hot dog, has long been an American dietary staple - a meal that is easy to prepare, and, at the same time, rich in chemicals.

DanFunnies12/04/03 4 comments

Learn Disco

Click this now. It will be well worth every second you wait downloading the 37 megabytes. Please. Your life will...

DanFunnies11/25/03 0 comments

God’s Changing Teams

Here’s an at-times-funny article about God and Notre Dame Football. Very harsh, and very true. Have a read. It’s as...

DavidFunnies11/19/03 10 comments

My Halloween

Hello, everybody. This Halloween season I had no homework, no job, and some money. This combination led to me creating...

DanFunnies11/02/03 3 comments

Political Cartoons

a neat site for checking out political cartoons.

DadFunnies/News/Recommendations10/22/03 1 comments

Worst Things Ever

When I was in high school, probably during summer football practices, Dan Petrillo and I got started talking about the...

DanFunnies10/21/03 9 comments

The Maddox Site

I’ve seen this guys site several times, and it’s always to read some great rants. Check out Maddox’s site for...

DanFunnies10/13/03 0 comments


Think about this: Arnold Schwarzenegger is Governor of California....

DanFunnies10/08/03 1 comments

Worship Wasn’t Like This

Oh boy. Every once in a while I’ll get an email forward or I’ll look at a friend’s “buddy info”...

DanFunnies10/06/03 13 comments

Bananas for Footballs

People go bananas cheering for sports teams. One cheers for one’s team and jeers louder at one’s opponent. This is...

DanFunnies09/16/03 5 comments

Today’s sermon

And immediately, the man's ears were opened, his speech impediment was removed, and he spoke plainly.

DadFunnies09/07/03 9 comments

Germy Halcote

As part of our family comedy therapy I offer everybody one of the funniest pieces I’ve read in a long...

DavidFunnies09/04/03 7 comments

Review of the Sunday Comics

This was a bad day for cartoons.

DadFunnies08/17/03 13 comments

Ian Frazier on Iraq

Remember Dad’s entry on Iraq and the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction? I sure do. Today I read an article/humor...

PatrickFunnies07/29/03 4 comments

Gripes about the French

There’s an online version of a WWII-era GI handbook called 112 Gripes about the French. It’s kind of funny stuff....

PatrickFunnies07/28/03 0 comments

RPS: Believe It or Not

I stumbled across a web page for the World Rock Paper Scissors Society today. They’re insane. They have a world...

PatrickFunnies07/27/03 7 comments

Cheese wiz of bad fiction

I was amused by this article, and reproduce it here for your enjoyment. You may wish to comment on it,...

DadFunnies07/20/03 2 comments

Logo Design 99!

Ladies and Gentlemen, The latest in super-duper logo design: All your problems solved for just $199! This website is...

DanFunnies06/09/03 9 comments

Warner Brothers

The headline on the front page of the current National Catholic Reporter is, “Wassup Doc?” (The story is about the...

DadFunnies06/03/03 1 comments

Who is in the Boat?

Pat and Pete were in a boat. They fell out. Who was left?...

DanFunnies06/01/03 2 comments

Corn on the Cob

I was watching Friends today (don’t ask) and Penn (from Penn & Teller) was selling Joey some encyclopedias, but he...

PatrickFunnies05/28/03 1 comments

Poetry and Meaning

Dad and I were talking a little bit about the meaning of poetry because I gave him a poem to...

PatrickConnections/Funnies/Observations05/13/03 6 comments

Trash-Talking in Iraq

I got this from CNN, which tells about a clash between the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and a group of...

PatrickFunnies/News/Quotes03/23/03 2 comments

Mundane Behavior

He talked about a "rapidly expanding genre" that could be lumped together under the rubric "mundane studies."

DadConnections/Funnies/Ideas/Recommendations03/08/03 2 comments

negative information

How about a new category: information you’d be better off not knowing. Today I went to Whippany Park High School...

DadFunnies/Ideas/Stuffs02/27/03 6 comments

Spreading Joy Like Peanut Butter

The subject of this entry is maybe ‘quality of life’ or ‘spiritual wellness’. I particularly like the word ‘wellness’ with...

DavidFunnies02/22/03 2 comments