Sonar Stealth

Sonar Stealth is a new, exciting game invented by III and IV.

PatrickGames11/24/11 0 comments

Does the end justify the means?

Six word memoirs.

DadGames02/09/08 6 comments


My current vote for coolest name is:

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Deal or no Deal

The contestant is presented with 26 briefcases attended by 26 beautiful women.

DadGames10/20/06 1 comments

Matching your age

An event in which old guys try to shoot an 18-hole round of golf in less strokes than their age in years.

DadGames05/09/06 4 comments

Baby Guessing Game

Guess the baby's gender, birthdate, height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

PatrickGames07/27/05 6 comments


To solve it, merely fill in numbers such that each row, column, and 3x3 box contains all nine digits.

DadGames06/18/05 0 comments

Twenty questions

It was an electronic version of 20-Questions

DadGames05/21/05 3 comments

Madden Games

Some of the best games are the games we made up.

PatrickGames/Memories03/10/05 5 comments

Tom Swifties

"Write your own Tom Swifties here," Tom said bloggingly.

PatrickGames08/20/04 40 comments

The Mispronounciation Game

the idea is to pronounce ALL the syllables in a word, ideally in a way that completely obscures the word.

DadGames07/08/04 4 comments

Big Yellow Contractions

Does it not always seem to go that you do not know what you have got until it is gone?...

DanGames11/20/03 8 comments

The Exaggeration Game

It pains me to add another category, but I think you’ll all agree that we need this one. The game...

DadGames07/29/03 13 comments