Montana vs. Rudy

Rudy, the movie, isn't as accurate as we were led to believe.

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American Civil Literacy

See how much you know about our country's history.

DadHistories04/16/08 3 comments

Scotty’s Castle

I was young then, and the idea of secret gold mines, buried treasure, and exotic places was exciting to me.

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Don’t Cry Now That I’ve Found You

This video will yank at the Madden siblings' nostalgia-sensors perhaps more than any other video from the early '80s.

DanHistories03/18/07 4 comments

Stop and Eat A Waffle

Dad knows he'll often stop and eat a waffle.

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Katrina graphic

This interactive graphic chronicles how Katrina flooded New Orleans last August.

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Here’s another of those “100 greatest” lists. This time it’s about science discoveries. You may disagree with some of them,...

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Doug Pinnick’s most embarrassing moment

I witnessed Doug Pinnick's most embarrassing moment.

PatrickHistories10/02/05 2 comments

Some guy who ran a blog

The Maddennation people kinda wish they had our URL.

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Top 100 Gadgets of All Time

Mobile Magazine's list of the Top 100 Gadgets of all time.

DavidHistories06/09/05 3 comments

Atomic Spies

...a classic case of code breaking by a top-secret project called Venona.

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The Patriot

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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Skipping Stones

Yesterday we all went to Stroud’s Run State Park. Pato was disappointed at first because we had told him we...

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Under God

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion

DadHistories10/20/03 1 comments

The Curse of the Bambino

The damn Yankees won again, and another heartbreaking missed opportunity goes down in the annuls of baseball.

DadHistories10/17/03 2 comments

International Ladies Garment Workers

capitalism has many advantages, but one of its biggest problems is its tendency toward exploitation of laborers and resources.

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The Old Sow

Dad’s entry about stories, and his interest in genealogy, got me remembering this video we took of Uncle Jim singing...

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