The evolution of evolution

The same genes grow arms and legs and fish fins for all animals.

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The Advent Conspiracy

What if we spent less on Christmas and donated more?

PatrickIdeas12/16/09 2 comments

Our shared wealth

Why are all the corporations laughing all the way to the bank?

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Is Google Making Us Stupid is a great article about the effects of the internet on us humans.

DavidIdeas09/10/08 4 comments

Low impact house

Look at this fairy-tale house and tell me you wouldn’t feel like a hobbit if you lived there....

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The Energy Diet

A New York Times article about going on an energy diet to help reduce our carbon emissions.

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On the Border

The fundamental question we ought to face is the legitimacy of protecting our borders at all.

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Breaking the Spell

Dennett is an atheist who believes religion should be studied as a natural phenomenon.

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If I Ruled Sports

NPR's sports commentator allows himself to imagine a world where he is the "benevolent despot" of sports: lower ticket prices, no sports talk radio, and a few other things.

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A new contest

So I'm proposing we have a "Best uncommented entry" contest.

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Computer Train

So we got to wondering: what is a fair fare for train service.

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A New Kind of Science

His "big idea" is that great complexity can come from simplicity.

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Planning for Utah

Well, folks, I believe that if we are truly going to have a skiing Christmas this year, it will take...

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Big Fish

As boring and staid as it sounds, all of my stories have been completely true.

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Family Get-togethers

We need to do things when we're together, not just sit around.

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The Meaning of Relativity

In other words... the fact that light speed is everywhere the same leads irrefutably to the conclusion that E = mc2.

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Measuring streams

Somebody takes a simplified version of the Bernoulli equation and develops a method for measuring flow in small rivers and streams.

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Tragedy of the Commons

Ruin is the destination toward which all men rush, each pursuing his own best interest in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons.

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Oven heat

I got to thinking lately about leaving the oven on to heat the kitchen.

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Losing A Church, Keeping The Faith

The title of this post is from Andrew Sullivan’s essay in the New York Times on 10/19. Joe Ross sent...

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Losing It

Hey Fam. I haven’t been on the website in quite a while. I just read Pat’s entry “How Low Can...

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Universal Time

David’s entry got me thinking. You knew it was coming. It was only a matter of, well, time. Let me...

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The Golden Ratio

I'm reading the new novel by Dan Brown, _The Da Vinci Code_, which is an adventure mystery about secret codes and secret societies and the powerful people who guard them and seek them.

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Race: The Power of Illusion

PBS has an amazing website focusing on Race. It’s based on the series, “Race: The Power of Illusion” - a...

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Kansas and the World

Today, I read a little blurb in the Star Ledger that summarized a Reuters News item that reported on a...

DadIdeas07/22/03 6 comments

Race and Sports

The Wall Street Journal has another interesting article that ties into the debate about race and characteristics. This one mediates...

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Is Race Real?

Dad sent me an email with a New York Times article called Is Race Real?. He should have posted it...

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New Category (Vetoed)

There has to be some prominent spot on maddenation for dad quotes, right? well, now we have that spot. it’s...

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Spontaneous Generation

I was looking up some information on Louis Pasteur today and discovered that he helped put to rest the theory...

PatrickIdeas06/09/03 3 comments

How does it feel?

I’ve just been struck by an interesting idea (at least it seems interesting now) for a New Yorker type humor...

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March Maddenness

March Madness, and it’s uglier, far crazier, lunatic lost brother, March Maddenness, are about to begin! Lace up your converse...

DavidIdeas03/17/03 2 comments

Post-Spring Break Project

i plan to wear a nametag saying "dan" every day, everywhere i go.

DanIdeas03/10/03 5 comments

Mundane Behavior

He talked about a "rapidly expanding genre" that could be lumped together under the rubric "mundane studies."

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Why Use This Site

I’ve been thinking about Maddenation’s many uses, and my last entry got me thinking beyond “sharing with the family” though...

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negative information

How about a new category: information you’d be better off not knowing. Today I went to Whippany Park High School...

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A Note about the Site Design

I just went ahead and designed something. I know this seems dictatorial, but I hope you like the design anyway....

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