Solar wind

What a generation with vision can do.

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Happiness and Simple Living

A NYT story about happiness and simplicity and buying stuff.

DavidInspirations08/09/10 1 comments

Needs vs. wants

Want to get back to the earth? Try this....

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Cake mix

Take a look at these....

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Project 10 to the 100th

Google's Project 10 to the 100th.

DavidInspirations09/25/08 1 comments

Mr. W

Mr. W is a wind campaign commercial and it's very clever.

DavidInspirations07/24/08 3 comments

Achieving your dream

Almost nobody else we meet is living such as inspiring life.

DadInspirations05/06/08 1 comments

Extraordinary People

Extraordinary people with crazy abilities: Japanese monks, Hugh Lewis, Wim Hof.

DavidInspirations04/05/08 4 comments

Live Earth

Live Earth is a concert/movement to raise awareness of Global Warming.

DavidInspirations07/07/07 1 comments

Design That Solves Problems for the World’s Poor

NYT article on design to help solve the problems of the world's poor.

DavidInspirations05/29/07 3 comments

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan is an exceptional book.

DavidInspirations03/04/07 1 comments

Blind flight

I flew down to Houston last week with a blind guy and his seeing eye dog next to me.

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The Spirit of du lac

OK guys, watch this one, and then tell me you don’t care if the team wins....

DadInspirations12/12/06 1 comments

Charlie Weis and Pete Carroll

A comparison of coach websites - Pete Carroll and Charlie Weis.

DavidInspirations11/22/06 2 comments

Strongest Guy in the World?

Dominic Lacasse is perhaps the strongest fellow in the world.

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Today’s Sermon

Today’s sermon tells us: “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, follow me.” The...

KathleenInspirations09/18/06 2 comments

Sustainable Development?

Clearly, a lot more is being said about the problems of poverty and development in the world than is effectively being done.

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The Urban Forest Project

The Urban Forest Project seems to have no purpose.

DanInspirations08/18/06 4 comments

Living with Enthusiasm

How to make guacamole and have fun.

PatrickInspirations05/01/06 1 comments

Cool Watches!

When I decide to wear a watch (I suppose that happens when you grow up) I'm going to wear one of these.

DanInspirations03/28/06 3 comments

One of the things that makes life great

Let's hear it for subversive parenthetically titled songs!

PatrickInspirations03/26/06 3 comments

The Ten Suggestions

It's no surprise the commandments are now banned from our courts.

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Olympic Excellence

Joey Cheeck won Olympic gold and silver and donated his bonuses to charity.

DavidInspirations02/25/06 1 comments

Alex Lifeson, Family Man

Sez Alex: "No marriage is a smooth road. There are lots of bumps and curves."

PatrickInspirations02/03/06 1 comments

Ireland’s Holy Mountain

Listen to the music and see if it doesn't kindle some of that ancestral memory

DadInspirations12/18/05 1 comments

Charlie Weis Has Got Class

"Quinn said 'What are we going to do?'" Weis said. "I said 'We have no choice. We're throwing it to the right.'"

PatrickInspirations10/02/05 1 comments