The Cole Compendium

"The instruments make it possible to calculate anything from high and low tides and the phases of the moon to the height of buildings."

PatrickInventions01/11/11 1 comments

Jack of all trades?

Just listened to the Charlie Rose interview with this guy, which was pretty neat and pretty depressing at the same...

DadInventions06/01/10 1 comments

Solar reflector

Here’s the folding solar reflector “oven” I made out of pizza boxes back in the 80s. I’m currently looking to...

DadInventions09/21/09 3 comments

The Art of Creating Creatures

Theo Jansen makes kinetic, almost living sculptures. And they are very cool.

DavidInventions10/10/07 1 comments

The best Madden invention

three generations of classic designs...for the ages

DadInventions06/30/07 1 comments