Tempus Fugit II

Here's story from NPR on why time speeds up as we age.

DavidMemories02/01/10 1 comments

Action Park!

Action Park loop de loop ride is the best!

DavidMemories11/05/09 1 comments

Memorial Day II

It occurred to me a number of years ago that my father was born during World War I, I was...

DadMemories05/25/08 1 comments

Skateboarding Joker

Christopher Nolan writes a tribute to Heath Ledger called, "Charisma as Natural as Gravity".

DavidMemories01/31/08 1 comments

The speed of thought

Without hesitation, she answered that they travel at the speed of thought.

DadMemories12/14/07 0 comments

The smell of dying leaves

Here’s one for the Gipper. I’m ready to break out my tweeds....

DadMemories08/23/07 3 comments

Mythical places

The sign is gone now, except in our memory. It told us of a mythical place somewhere up the road,...

DadMemories07/06/07 1 comments

Good Bye Mr. Wizard

Don Herbert, Mr. Wizard, died on June 13, 2007.

DavidMemories06/20/07 1 comments

The Dangerous Book for Boys

The Dangerous Book for Boys is all about getting boys to play outside and have fun.

DavidMemories06/03/07 2 comments

The flagman

Picture this flagman, about to hand dad a flag, and instead dad hands him one.

DadMemories09/07/06 2 comments

Small TVs

The first TV program I remember watching was Howdy Doody.

DadMemories01/13/06 1 comments

Madden Games

Some of the best games are the games we made up.

PatrickGames/Memories03/10/05 5 comments

Boxer Rebellion

I can only remember having two "boxing matches" in my life, both of which I lost.

DadMemories03/06/05 2 comments

A symbol of “Aryan supremacy”

Like so many events that happened shortly before my birth, it has special significance, because it was a recent memory for my father and mother.

DadMemories02/05/05 2 comments

Madden Diseases

One practice we enjoyed was putting names to certain “conditions” we later called “Madden diseases.”

DadMemories/Stories06/27/04 16 comments

Flying Cowboys

Now that the volleyball season is nearing its end, I have decided to ‘diversify’ (read: complicate) our offense a little....

DavidMemories05/06/04 1 comments

Have You Played Atari Today?

I was looking at this website (which makes me feel like a terrible, useless, worthless excuse for a designer pretty...

DanMemories11/04/03 3 comments

Remembrance of 9/11

I couldn’t let this week end without acknowledging the anniversary of the most horrific day of my life thus far....

KathleenMemories09/14/03 1 comments

Fire in the Sky

I tried to make this a comment on David’s splendid entry, Illuminating Fireworks, but I got an error message trying...

DadMemories07/12/03 4 comments

Illuminating Fireworks

It’s during this time each year when, with patriotic gusto, we can all honestly say - God Bless America and...

DavidMemories07/09/03 6 comments

Father’s Day

It all began about 35 years ago, the day I knew I was falling in love with your mother. It...

DadMemories06/15/03 1 comments

To Dan, On The Occasion Of His Graduation From The University Of Notre Dame Du Lac

I could say it in one word: con·gra·too·la·tee·ons! It seems only yesterday we were visiting campus for your or·eye·on·ta·tye·on. Now...

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When I put Pato and Adi to bed tonight, I decided to tell them a story of my own instead...

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Panis Angelicus

“Panis Angelicus” had to be on this site, so here it is. This is an MP3 file, compressed into a...

PatrickMemories/Sounds03/01/03 2 comments

Tell me a story

“Tell me a story.” We say it as kids in the hope of being entertained. As adults, if we say...

DadMemories02/17/03 4 comments