Why do they make these movies?

DadMovies03/11/10 1 comments

Best movie quotes

Here is a link to what the American Film Institute thinks are the best movie quotes of the last 100...

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Inglourious Bastards

Tarantino shows us once again that movies can be about anything as long as they involve interesting people

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Slumdog Millionaire

The soundtrack for Slumdog Millionaire is awesome!

DavidMovies02/17/09 1 comments

The Play

Cal beats Stanford by running through their band.

PatrickMovies11/17/06 1 comments

Notre Dame Football Videos

Notre Dame football highlights.

DavidMovies08/27/06 4 comments

The Evolution of Dance

A comedian does a lot of dance moves in a row.

PatrickFunnies/Movies/Recommendations05/19/06 1 comments

TBS LoTR commercials

TBS says "It's not easy being a tiny man with hairy feet, especially when you have the One Ring."

PatrickFunnies/Movies/Recommendations04/13/06 3 comments

Chris Bliss: Most Awesomest Juggling Ever

Chris Bliss juggles to Abbey Road.

PatrickMovies03/20/06 5 comments

superman reconfigured

This photo of the new Superman is disappointing on many levels.

DadMovies01/26/06 1 comments

A New Trailer for “The Shining”

The Shining as a feel-good movie?

PatrickMovies10/06/05 1 comments

Bush’s Speech Coach

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda," G. W. Bush

PatrickFunnies/Movies08/15/05 4 comments

Unicycle Insanity

Unicycling is good, isn't it?

DavidMovies08/06/04 4 comments

Best Movie Lines

Amazingly, the first four entries in this Entertainment Weekly list of "Best movie lines ever" are from _The Princess Bride_.

DadConnections/Movies/Quotes/Stuffs08/04/04 2 comments

Pato (and Adi) Reading

Pato demonstrates his reading skills, and Adi helps too.

PatrickMovies03/16/04 0 comments

The Kids Sledding

We got one good snowfall this year. Here's video of the kids sledding.

PatrickMovies01/25/04 1 comments

Pato Grooving to “Lose Yourself”

Pato seems to have been born with groove.

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Edison’s Movies

The Library of Congress has online versions of some of Edison's earliest films.

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Adi Singing Weird Al

Continuing our series of quick moments in our lives captured on video, here is a clip from our trip to...

PatrickMovies06/30/03 5 comments

Pato Playing Memory

Usually it’s no fun to watch somebody else’s home movies, but if you’re family, and if the movies are short...

PatrickMovies06/30/03 2 comments

The Old Sow

Dad’s entry about stories, and his interest in genealogy, got me remembering this video we took of Uncle Jim singing...

PatrickHistories/Movies02/21/03 3 comments