USC selects a new coach

Looks like it’s still going to be fun to hate the Trojans. Look what they’ve gone and done....

DadNews01/13/10 0 comments

NBC takes over ND athletics

The Notre Dame Glee Club made the news this week, if you want to call it that. As the Huffington...

DadNews11/13/09 2 comments

On defense

President Obama signed the new defense bill from congress.

DadNews10/28/09 0 comments

Balloon boy

By now, you’ve probably heard about the boy supposedly carried aloft in a helium-filled weather balloon. For 2-hours, the cable...

DadNews10/15/09 4 comments

What Are You Fighting For?

Here is the latest Notre Dame commercial. It’s about ACE. Makes me happy....

DavidNews09/21/09 2 comments


Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Probably not, since most of you don’t live in California. Well, Dan and I...

KathleenNews05/18/09 1 comments

17 again?

event that warms the cockles of my heart

DadNews04/27/09 1 comments

Flying objects identified

"Lights in the sky."

DadNews04/03/09 2 comments


I personally hope the media hype will help her raise money to support her children.

DadNews03/01/09 0 comments

Hello Men

Just a quick entry to say that Patrick forwarded me a new password today. I just changed it to something...

KathleenNews08/11/08 1 comments

The Montauk Monster

We all love monster stories, don’t we? This monster/hoax washed up on Montauk Long Island last month and has spurred...

DadNews08/03/08 0 comments

I live in Gotham City

Here's a video of the Dark Knight filming in Chicago.

DavidNews07/07/08 1 comments

Einstein’s Thoughts On God

Einstein's thoughts on God in a letter sold for $404,000.

DavidNews05/18/08 3 comments

Fusion Man

rocket, wings, scifi

DadNews05/15/08 1 comments

O’Reilly Strikes Again

Bill O'Reilly is Bill O'Reilly, and an essayist is an essayist, and never the twain shall meet.

PatrickNews05/04/08 2 comments

Halliburton in Iraq

Halliburton in Iraq: legal theft, reckless endangerment, waste.

PatrickNews05/04/08 1 comments

Obama, Clinton Battle; McCain Seals Nod

That's it, just this headline.

PatrickNews03/04/08 2 comments

Notes from campus

... the campus is good food for my soul.

DadNews09/22/07 0 comments

Long Jumper Hit by Javelin

A guy got speared by a javelin. Dave almost got speared by a javelin in high school.

DanNews07/13/07 3 comments

He’s not from Uruguay but…

Karina's family in the news.

DadNews06/19/07 1 comments

That’s a lot of Bacon!

Some kid shot a gigantic pig.

DavidNews05/30/07 3 comments

The Hypocritical Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton hates Mormons, and Don Imus.

PatrickNews05/12/07 2 comments

Imus in mourning

Another interesting study in American culture, free speech, and the media.

DadNews04/15/07 0 comments

The Pollution Within

National Geographic article about toxic chemicals in our bodies and their effects.

DavidNews10/08/06 1 comments

Mashed Potatoes

For the first time in my life, coming home from ND on Sunday, Route 80 was closed. That’s right. Flat...

DadNews10/03/06 1 comments

Farewell, Steve Irwin

I was out in the garden gathering tomatoes and cucumbers when Karina called me in to give me the news...

PatrickNews09/04/06 2 comments

Lollapalooza 2006

Dave when to Lollapalooza 2006 in Chicago.

DavidNews08/07/06 7 comments

The New Seven Wonders

N7W is a campaign to vote on a New Seven Wonders of the world.

DavidNews08/02/06 0 comments

The Deck

The deck is done.

DadNews07/15/06 1 comments

Put your money where your mouth is

So the court has equated campaign contributions to free speech.

DadNews06/27/06 0 comments

The Tommy Z Fight

Got a couple minutes? Watch the whole fight....

DadNews06/12/06 2 comments

World Cup 2006

The World Cup starts on Friday in Germany. I can’t wait. I am not an expert on soccer, nor am...

DavidNews06/07/06 5 comments

Early First Memories

The earlier your first memory, the more intelligent you are

PatrickNews05/02/06 3 comments

Meet Nancy Raccoon

We got a dog.

PatrickNews04/29/06 5 comments

Woman’s Long-Term Memory Astonishes Scientists

In the current issue of the journal Neurocase, scientists report on a woman with the astonishing ability to clearly remember events that happened to her decades ago.

DavidNews04/20/06 4 comments

Today’s golf

Dave and I went golfing today up at the Meadows course in Lincoln Park. We both played well, for at...

DadNews04/17/06 3 comments

Leslie Norris, poet, 1920-2006

Leslie Norris, poet and friend, has died.

PatrickNews04/13/06 0 comments

The Earth Institute

Global warming is upon us.

DadNews03/31/06 0 comments

The Woman Who Can’t Forget

A woman who remembers everything? ...hum!?

PatrickNews03/25/06 0 comments

Annie “Sore Loser” Proulx

Annie Proulx should have kept quiet.

PatrickNews03/23/06 3 comments

Cartoon Violence

In fairness to Muslims, the publication of these images does appear to have been a rather blatant provocation.

DadNews02/08/06 3 comments

Jerome Bettis Day

The Steelers honored Jerome Bettis by wearing his ND jersey when they landed in Detroit earlier this week. Cool....

DadNews02/01/06 0 comments

The Return of the Puppet Masters

Carl Zimmer's article, "The Return of the Puppet Masters" talks about the possible link between Toxoplasma gondii and schizophrenia.

DavidNews01/24/06 2 comments

Why we laugh

Scientists have finally divided laughter into two different types.

PatrickNews01/23/06 3 comments

Doug Flutie’s drop kick

Doug Flutie granted my wish for a drop kick.

PatrickNews01/12/06 2 comments

Hook ‘em Horns!

Congratulations to Texas. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think I was as happy last night with a USC loss, as...

DavidNews01/05/06 2 comments

We’re here in Uruguay

We made it to Uruguay, though we lost some of our sanity on the way.

PatrickNews12/10/05 0 comments

Sportsman of the Year

Sports Illustrated writer picks Weis for Magazine’s top honor....

DadNews11/30/05 0 comments


Avian Flu websites - PBS, National Geographic, NPR.

DavidNews10/30/05 4 comments

Utah Arts Council Writing Competition

I won 2nd place in a Utah book contest.

PatrickNews09/24/05 4 comments

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

President Bush made uneducated remarks, basically saying that intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution in science classrooms.

DavidNews08/07/05 7 comments

The Power of Now

I haven't read the book yet, but suffice to say it's a "guide to spiritual enlightenment."

DadNews08/05/05 2 comments

Computer Train 2

"Can we get to Convent in 30 minutes, or would it make sense to try for another station closer to here?"

DadConnections/News/Observations/Puzzles07/24/05 3 comments

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument features an unexcavated fossil quarry, Indian petroglyphs, and an old-style homestead.

PatrickNews07/24/05 3 comments


On the northern tip of Northern Ireland is a place called Carrick-a-Rede which has a rope bridge across a deep...

DadNews07/07/05 3 comments


Yesterday it rained all day and we drove to Belfast to get a sense of the city. The sense we...

DadNews07/06/05 0 comments


Well, actually, we’re in Northern Ireland right now. It has rained all day (as opposed to part of the day)...

DadNews07/05/05 2 comments

Why is yawning contagious?

"This finding represents the first known neurophysiological signature of perceived yawn contagiousness."

PatrickNews07/02/05 0 comments

A goodly apple rotten at the heart

"It is amazing how a couple of bad apples can try to spoil the entire barrel."

DadNews04/24/05 0 comments

Pat Tillman

Today is the one-year anniversary of Pat Tillman's death. Tonight ESPN will show his Sports Century Special.

DavidNews04/22/05 1 comments

The Face of Christ for You

Sister Helen Prejean's article on the Pope's legacy, "Above All Else, Life".

DavidNews04/10/05 1 comments

Birth Order Blues

First-born children get a greater share of their parents' attention and wealth.

PatrickNews04/09/05 4 comments

But I Love Grilled Cheese!

Sonya Thomas took the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship by consuming 25 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes.

DavidNews03/20/05 0 comments

Scale for masochists

She took a deep breath and said, "How depressing."

DadFunnies/News/Stories02/26/05 3 comments

The tsunami

These tsunami pictures recovered from a smashed digital camera that washed ashore are remarkable and eerie. The first picture with...

DadNews02/24/05 0 comments

The Gates

At his suggestion, I had already taken a brief look at Christo's website and come to the conclusion that the project was pretty ridiculous.

DadNews02/13/05 0 comments

Cheney’s Auschwitz Attire

Nobody told Dick Cheney that he should dress in solemn, formal attire at Auschwitz.

PatrickNews01/29/05 1 comments

Buying Diplomas

Laura Callahan, former CIO of the Department of Homeland Security, faked all three of her college degrees.

PatrickNews01/22/05 11 comments

When is Eid al-Adha?

To be honest, I like the idea of using a moon crescent siting as the beginning of the year.

DadNews01/21/05 0 comments

Farewell to Dave Barry

Dave Barry has quit.

PatrickNews01/18/05 5 comments

Designing a Book

I will soon be starting my biggest design project to date, the design of an experimental novel by Notre Dame Creative Writing professor Steve Tomasula.

DanNews01/07/05 2 comments

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Hart

Rolling Stone magazine, in another "Special Collectors Issue" has listed the 500 greatest songs of all time.

DadNews/Observations/Reviews11/23/04 1 comments

Athletes Brawling

In the USA, brawling athletes get fined. In Uruguay, they get jailed.

PatrickNews/Observations11/20/04 5 comments

“Do They Know It’s Christmas” Yet?

Bono says to thank God it's them instead of you. Primo Levi says different.

PatrickNews/Quotes11/17/04 1 comments

New Evil for PC Users

A new nefarious method of "phishing" for bank account and credit card information.

PatrickNews11/15/04 2 comments

Smartest States

New Jersey is the 4th smartest state in the Union.

PatrickNews10/19/04 5 comments

Professor brings unique emphasis to BYU

BYU's newspaper, The Daily Universe, welcomes Professor Madden.

PatrickNews09/27/04 1 comments

Swimming in Syrup

350 years after Newton pondered it, scientists have finally experimentally determined whether humans swim faster in syrup or water.

PatrickNews09/26/04 6 comments

George W. Bush by the numbers

George W. Bush's left-wing enemies will have a field day with these statistics.

PatrickNews/Observations/Recommendations09/04/04 5 comments

The Cost of Revenge & the Dorsal Striatum

This is a cool segment from NPR that examines Revenge and Altruistic Punishment. Turns out, revenge activates the same part...

DavidNews08/27/04 3 comments

On The Issues

NPR has a page on their site titled, On The Issues, where you can listen to what each candidate has...

DavidNews/Recommendations/Suggestions08/09/04 0 comments

Rush #1 among Geeks

According to a recent Register poll, geeks love Rush.

PatrickNews08/06/04 0 comments

Income Tax to Be Abolished?

There's talk of Congress abolishing the Federal Income Tax.

PatrickNews08/04/04 9 comments

Speedy Delivery: New Al Qaeda Threat?

NYTimes reports that "new" terrorist threats come from years-old intelligence.

PatrickNews08/04/04 1 comments

The MJ of Nerds

Basically, if The Sports Guy says it/writes it, I believe it. This weeks article, The Summer of the Jeopardy Guy...

DavidFunnies/News/Suggestions07/21/04 4 comments

The Tour de France

I love it. I’m hooked. I have become obsessed with the Tour this year, thanks to OLN (Outdoor Life Network)...

DavidNews07/21/04 3 comments

Taking safety for granted

This year several people have been injured, and one man killed, on Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster.

PatrickNews07/10/04 1 comments

9/11 Memorial Typeface

Dan's typographical friends have connections at the NY Times.

PatrickNews07/09/04 1 comments

Beach Volleyball

It's been a while since I've done this, but today I went to Belmar to watch some beach volleyball.

DadNews07/08/04 5 comments

We Made It

We made it to Utah okay, and we're reconnected to the internet. Here's the proof.

PatrickNews06/30/04 2 comments

We’re Back

I get back from Ohio after Pat's graduation and find a blank blog!

DadNews06/12/04 0 comments

Dr. Madden

I'm now officially a doctor.

PatrickNews06/01/04 2 comments

Controversial Eucharist

On the way home from school today I heard an excellent piece on NPR about the Eucharist, and the current...

DavidNews05/29/04 2 comments

What’s your favorite colour, baby?

Living Colour has released a new album called Collide0scope.

PatrickNews05/28/04 2 comments

Abortion on NPR

This morning the first thing I heard when my alarm went off at 6:22 was a spot on NPR about...

DavidNews05/24/04 4 comments

Rush’s album of cover songs!

Rush will release an album of covered 60s tunes.

PatrickNews05/15/04 4 comments


I will be allowed to graduate this June.

PatrickNews05/14/04 0 comments

Rupert Wins!

Rupert Boneham the Pirate wins Survivor by the vote of the people.

PatrickNews05/14/04 3 comments

Ouch (Six Nails in Head)

Man gets shot with nail gun in head. Newscaster bungles sentences.

PatrickNews05/06/04 2 comments

3-D photos

So the lesson for all of us is, never throw anything away. You might need it later.

DadFunnies/News/Stories04/08/04 4 comments

Myrtle Beach

The famous golf vacation in Myrtle Beach is over and I did worse than anyone else. I brought 4 dozen...

DadNews03/28/04 1 comments


Sara Teresa Elizabeth Madden Cabrera, welcome to the family!

PatrickFelicitations/News03/10/04 10 comments

Snowball Fighting Championships

Adding to the evidence that there are championships in everything, here’s an article about the Japanese Snowball Fighting Championships. Maybe...

PatrickNews03/01/04 4 comments

Our New House

An introduction to and virtual tour of the house we bought in Lehi, Utah.

PatrickNews02/24/04 2 comments

Uut and Uup

Two new elements have reportedly been created or is it discovered!?! How awesome is that? The last time scientists made...

DavidNews02/03/04 4 comments

Breakin’ for the Pope

Polish break-dancers perform in the Vatican for the Pope.

PatrickNews01/29/04 7 comments

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Since this place is so dead lately, I figure it won’t hurt to post about a woman who, as part...

PatrickNews01/14/04 1 comments

Stop Light

The new cold fusion? The most incredible experimental result in our lifetime? A doorway to new methods of computing? What...

PatrickNews12/11/03 2 comments

Religion in the US

According to a study at the University of Michigan, the US is far more religious than other industrialized nations. Among...

PatrickNews12/03/03 0 comments

The Tords Reunite!

After a ten-year hiatus (time for marriage, children, school, and other pursuits), The Tords will reunite for a recording session...

PatrickNews/Sounds11/12/03 2 comments

Snap goes the ankle

I had to talk myself into going to play noontime basketball yesterday. For one thing, my left foot was aching,...

PatrickNews10/25/03 9 comments

99 behind (and gaining?)

Basically I wanted to get to less than 100 entries behind Pat. Now I’ve done it! I also wanted people...

DavidNews10/23/03 1 comments

Political Cartoons

a neat site for checking out political cartoons.

DadFunnies/News/Recommendations10/22/03 1 comments

How Low Can I Go?

After peaking at about 235 lbs, I'm down to 200 and feeling pretty good.

PatrickNews10/08/03 8 comments

iprmoetnt tihngs

Aoccdrnig to a rseearcehr at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the...

DavidNews09/29/03 10 comments


In case you haven’t heard, i have a freelance job at Semaphore Partners in downtown chicago. it’s a web design...

DanNews09/26/03 2 comments

Back in the [Athens] Groove

This is just to say that we’re back in Athens, Ohio, please send unpacking help. We had an adventurous return...

PatrickNews09/24/03 0 comments

Hurricane Isabel

Holy Hurricane Batman!! Take a look at this!! It’s a amazing satellite image from one of NASA’s crazy gizmos. It’s...

DavidNews09/19/03 2 comments

John Ashcroft’s SSN

This article says that, for $26, you can purchase the Social Security numbers and home addresses for top Bush administration...

DadNews08/29/03 0 comments

You call that cheating?

“Rutgers professor finds 40% of students plagiarize material from the Internet, other sources,” says the sub-headline in yesterday’s Star Ledger....

DadNews08/29/03 3 comments

Test scores

...schools must report math and language arts scores for every school, broken down into categories based on race, income, and disabilities.

DadNews08/29/03 7 comments

Man knocks self out with rock

The Morris County section of the paper carried this blurb yesterday, which I paraphrase. A 21-year-old man knocked himself unconscious...

DadNews08/29/03 2 comments

Michigan Essay

The University of Michigan, fresh out of Supreme Court, where it lost the battle to preserve its old admissions policy,...

DadNews08/29/03 2 comments

Poet Laureate

The selection of Louise Gluck (rhymes with pick) to US Poet Laureate will be announced today, according to a Star...

DadNews08/29/03 2 comments

Let’s Try It Again…Hermosa Beach!

Greeting, family, from my new home in Hermosa Beach, CA. I tried this the other night, and as all of...

KathleenNews08/27/03 4 comments

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

I was reading up on a recent concert in Toronto meant to revitalize the SARS-scare-afflicted economy there. Playing to the...

PatrickNews08/26/03 1 comments

Sea Turtles and Grand Designs

Hola from Costa Rica! Last night i watched and ´helped´a green sea turtle lay her eggs. it was one of...

DavidNews08/07/03 4 comments

Please Consume Beef?

Today I had a conversation about salmon with a guy I was playing volleyball against. Yup, during warm-ups we chatted...

DavidNews08/02/03 4 comments

Betting on Terrorist Attacks

How much stock do you put in a story you read in the New York Times? If they tell you...

PatrickNews07/31/03 3 comments


I played golf today. First, I got up at 5:00 a.m. to pick up Kathleen at Newark after her red-eye...

DadNews07/24/03 0 comments

Will Ferrell at Harvard

I did not know until today that Will Ferrell gave the Class Day (apparently not the real graduation day or...

PatrickNews07/20/03 1 comments

Attention Windows Users

I found out through that there’s a huge hole in Windows that could allow hackers to severely mess with...

PatrickNews07/17/03 2 comments

New Episode

After a several-week hiatus, I’ve posted a new episode on the Fulbright portion of LosMadden. It’s not so great, but...

PatrickNews07/08/03 0 comments

Custom 404 Error Page

You know how when you follow a broken link you get a page that says “Error 404: File Not Found”?...

PatrickNews07/03/03 3 comments

Google, Searches, Justice

A while back, Dad emailed me about people suing Google because their search-engine rankings fell and they lost business. Often...

PatrickNews07/01/03 2 comments


Dad and I went to a Guster show the other day in Morristown. This might be the first concert I’ve...

DavidNews06/30/03 1 comments

Monthly Archives

I have made the Monthly Archive pages. They have calendars up top, links to their posts, and all their posts...

PatrickNews06/30/03 0 comments

Author Pages

I’ve put up author pages for the five of us who have posted on Maddenation. They’re super incomplete (even mine...

PatrickInstructions/News06/30/03 1 comments

Site Design Update

I am currently (over the weekend, maybe a little longer) cleaning up the site design, designing interior pages, making things...

PatrickNews06/28/03 13 comments

Holy Moley

Apple has just unveiled their new G5 processor (created in conjunction with IBM). I’m salivating (and hurting, because the top-o-the-line...

PatrickNews06/25/03 2 comments

NYSP Journal

Because I cannot keep a journal on my own, and i’d like to for NYSP (the sports camp i’m working),...

DanNews06/24/03 29 comments

Mile Run/New Macs

i have a picture of mile run, 2 miles. it’s great. unfortunately, no freaking scanners at this university work. that’s...

DanNews06/21/03 2 comments

Happy Father’s Day

Karina and I disagree about how to handle this. We have a cool Father’s Day present for Dad, but I...

PatrickNews06/15/03 4 comments


Hello folks. I hope you all read this. I am finishing up school today and tomorrow and should be recording...

KathleenNews06/12/03 3 comments

Packing for Life

hi kids. dan is finishing up packing. he is going out to notre dame to work the same summer sports...

DanNews06/10/03 8 comments

Service Trip and Ramblings

Hello Everybody! Sorry for the long absence from the site. I’ve been unbelievably busy and consumed. To give you an...

DavidNews06/07/03 1 comments


Forgive my entering this unpleasant bit of news right after Dad’s beautiful, moving piece to Dan. Pato has Hepatitis A....

PatrickNews05/15/03 0 comments

Mother’s Day

We don’t have too many messages to Mom and Karina on this list (and none from them), so I want...

PatrickNews05/11/03 0 comments

Monkeys, Typewriters, Shakespeare

I’ve found links to this on a couple of other blog sites, so I figured why not put it here...

PatrickNews05/10/03 4 comments

Good News

I just found out that I have received the John Cady Graduate Fellowship at Ohio University for next year. This...

PatrickNews04/13/03 0 comments

Who Is Dan?

I have been hard at work on my nametag project and i am working very hard trying to get this site up.

DanNews04/07/03 5 comments

Fulbright Extension

I found out today that I was awarded an extension of my Fulbright fellowship, so we’ll be here until September,...

PatrickNews04/03/03 0 comments

Back to Normal

The site is, as far as I can tell, back to normal operating status. The problem was an ugrade at...

PatrickNews04/03/03 2 comments


I just learned that He-Man is back on television. I was a little too old for the guy, but Dave...

PatrickNews03/28/03 2 comments

Go Cougars!

Quickly: I got offered a job as a professor at BYU (at the rank of “assistant professor,” actually, but that’s...

PatrickNews03/28/03 1 comments

Trash-Talking in Iraq

I got this from CNN, which tells about a clash between the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and a group of...

PatrickFunnies/News/Quotes03/23/03 2 comments

Save the Time, the Trees, and the Stamp

March Maddenness has gone electronic! Booya! I just finished setting up our very own family NCAA bracket webpage dealio. You...

DavidNews03/18/03 7 comments

kath in da house

I am finally online. I just got the info tonight. For those of you living in the southern hemisphere or...

KathleenNews02/28/03 7 comments

Of Beauty and Toilets

Adi doesn’t know how to write, so this is really me, Patrick. Adi has been potty training recently and doing...

AdiNews02/22/03 1 comments

Site Updates

I have put small “posted-by” pictures and ascii-generated popups of everyone on the site, so post away. Your picture will...

PatrickNews02/21/03 0 comments

Current Events

I figured I’d use the news feature on this site to tell everyone that I got the Ohio U English...

PatrickNews02/21/03 0 comments

Welcome to Maddenation

The site is ready for Phase-1 usage, meaning that this front page is designed (while other pages are not), members...

PatrickNews02/14/03 0 comments