Followup on Abraham’s Vision

Maybe that's when Abram looked up and laughed.

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Doing everything we can

No, we're not happy to see you...

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In defense of Fox News

Last week the big news (aside from Afghanistan and health insurance and a few isolated murders) was that the White...

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Health “care”

The big topic these days is again “health care,” which is an important debate about something other than health care;...

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Subway violinist

What happens when one of the world's best violinists plays in the subway?

PatrickObservations06/26/09 1 comments

Elements of grammar

I thought the distinction between "which" and "that" was a good one...

DadObservations04/20/09 0 comments

How Free are the Throws?

A NYT article about shooting free throws over the past 50 years.

DavidObservations03/07/09 3 comments

Nicknames of Famous People

Some people don't need nicknames.

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Best Song to Sing into a Fan


PatrickObservations09/09/08 0 comments

Thoughts on the Olympics 2008

Olympics needs to eliminate a bunch of events that fall outside the traditional image of the games.

DadObservations08/24/08 2 comments

Assessing ND football

After Georgia Tech, it looked like we were in for a very long season. After the loss to Penn State,...

DadObservations09/09/07 11 comments

London 2012 “Branding”

What do you guys think about the new "identity and branding campaign":http://www.london2012.com/about-newlook-video.html for the London 2012 Olympic Games?

DanObservations06/04/07 5 comments

A sad day/time/epoch

So I ask you to give me your reasons for not commenting.

DadObservations05/26/07 2 comments

Running Out of Lyrics

Some songs fill in missing lyrics with long la-di-dah strings. Isn't that great!?

PatrickObservations03/16/07 13 comments


Has there ever been a longer rally in any sport than "this one":http://www.glumbert.com/media/badminton in badminton?

DanObservations03/05/07 1 comments

Saying Yes to Mess

Saying Yes to Mess - an article from the NYT about the benefits of disorder.

DavidObservations12/28/06 2 comments

The Cupertino Effect

"The Cupertino Effect":http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/002911.html is the title given to a spell-checking system when it replaces a misspelled word with the wrong word.

DanObservations11/15/06 2 comments

Notre Dame: Loved by the People, Hated by the Pollsters

ND should be ranked above Florida after this week's games.

PatrickObservations11/11/06 13 comments

High School Back Scores Ten TDs…

High school back scores ten TDs and still loses!

DanObservations10/14/06 1 comments

Cool Clouds

"This site has tons of pictures of cool looking clouds":http://valuca.funtigo.com/?preview=y&g=25544746&cr=1&rfm=y. The one thing I keep saying to myself: Imagine seeing these in _real life_!

DanObservations09/27/06 3 comments

Pluto is saved! [NOT]

The key question is how the astrologers will take it.

DadObservations08/16/06 8 comments

Lego Advertisements

These Lego advertisements are a nostalgic look back at life as a kid.

DanObservations08/04/06 1 comments

How Kaavya Got Published

It seems to me this news story has been plagiarized from other similar stories I've heard recently.

DadObservations04/28/06 1 comments

First Five Random Songs

Dan decides to discuss five random songs that played on his computer.

DanObservations04/19/06 10 comments

Sir Duke

Just now I decided to listen to Sir Duke, which, for about four or five years, I have referred to as The best song ever recorded.

DanObservations03/15/06 6 comments

What is an Ellipsis?

To refresh your memory, an “ellipsis” is a typographic “mark or series of marks (”...”, for example) used in writing to indicate an omission, especially of letters or words. (from dictionary.com)” By and large, ellipses are written with three dots that represent that omission and/or exclusion of obvious facts.

DanObservations03/07/06 5 comments

Incompetent and Clueless

Incompetent People Really Have No Clue; They're blind to own failings, others' skills.

PatrickObservations03/04/06 4 comments

The Zillion Dollar Pinata

Bill Cosby is issuing a Cease and Desist on the creators of House of Cosbys, some internet video sit-com that isn't too funny but is popular nonetheless. The internet is breaking a zillion dollar pinata, free candy is flying everywhere and the candy companies are understandably upset.

DanObservations03/03/06 2 comments

Olympic boredom

Maybe what we need is an infusion of new events to pique our interest.

DadObservations02/22/06 6 comments

White Castle pledge

...the finest products for the least cost, with the cleanest surroundings and the most courteous employees.

DadObservations02/22/06 1 comments

The Olympics

The Olympics can teach us a lot about life.

DadObservations02/13/06 1 comments

The Luge

Watching the Luge event, I was struck by the closeness of the race.

DadObservations02/13/06 6 comments


What's this fascination with past lives our culture has embraced of late?

DadObservations01/18/06 1 comments

Martin Luther King, Jr.

His message ... applies to all of us.

DadObservations01/16/06 3 comments

The Hajj

Once again, a human stampede in Saudi Arabia has killed hundred of Muslims

DadObservations01/14/06 1 comments

Reggie Bush Is Good

USC's Reggie Bush is a phenomenal runner. Check out his high school high light tape.

DavidObservations11/30/05 1 comments

My Lobotomy

My Lobotomy is probably the worst story I have ever heard on NPR. I just listened to it on my...

DavidObservations11/16/05 1 comments

Halloween Health Scares

New York Times article, "Scare Yourself Silly" talks about our propensity to focus on the distantly horrifying.

DavidObservations10/30/05 2 comments

The wedding feast

The king invites people right off the street, and then throws a guy out (after binding his hands and feet!) for not having a "wedding garment."

DadObservations10/10/05 3 comments

Hurricanes, Habitats, and Humanity

I can't help but look objectively on the situation and lament the supreme inadequacy of our technology.

DadObservations09/23/05 1 comments

Sports article chronology

Why do sports articles jump around so much?

PatrickObservations09/11/05 1 comments

New Orleans

Why do you design the dikes for a category 3 hurricane knowing there are category fives out there?

DadObservations09/01/05 4 comments

Thanks, but no thanks

A Swedish band covers Rush's "Limelight."

PatrickObservations/Sounds08/17/05 3 comments

Rocket Science

... some evidence is amassing that indicates that those employed by NASA may not be as sharp as they once were.

DadObservations07/30/05 1 comments

The globe

Everyone should have a globe.

DadObservations07/30/05 0 comments

Your Estimated Wait Time Is

"Your estimated wait time is...Six-hundred fifty seconds."

DanObservations07/28/05 5 comments

Mowing the “Lawn”

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for fortifying me so that a 2.5 hour mow job is easy, no sweat.

PatrickObservations07/27/05 0 comments

Computer Train 2

"Can we get to Convent in 30 minutes, or would it make sense to try for another station closer to here?"

DadConnections/News/Observations/Puzzles07/24/05 3 comments

Computer Train

So we got to wondering: what is a fair fare for train service.

DadIdeas/Observations/Puzzles/Questions07/24/05 5 comments

Shark Jumping

I was watching a shark-week special on the air jaws sharks of South Africa this week and heard them talk...

DadObservations07/23/05 3 comments

Turing Test Emails?

"I am encouraged by your informing that Ohio University at Athens Eng. Ph.D has two graduate assistants." (A computer emailing me?)

PatrickObservations06/27/05 6 comments

World in the balance

Individuals acting in their own self interest inevitably cause problems for society, but they also tend to resist the restrictions imposed by governments to mitigate those problems.

DadObservations06/23/05 3 comments

You are what you eat

Corn on the cob sure is great, isn't it?

DadObservations06/11/05 2 comments


"In Your Face" is a new survey from National Geographic, testing facial recognition.

DavidObservations04/26/05 2 comments

Gold leaf

I smelled something fishy in the calculations.

DadObservations03/08/05 4 comments

The things we can do without

Baby Ruth bars: one a decade is more than enough.

PatrickObservations02/25/05 3 comments

What’s wrong with the NBA

New York Times writer Michael Sokolove writes about the state of the NBA in his article, Clang!, where he lashes out against the dunk shot, the maturity of players, the three-pointer, and the Team USA 2004 Olympic performance, while suggesting rule changes to get the professional game back to how it should be: Watchable.

DanObservations02/17/05 8 comments

ESPN’s Game Flow Chart

I was on ESPN.com and saw a "Game Flow" chart, measuring point totals vs time for basketball games.

DanObservations01/28/05 1 comments

Stupid Grandstanding Jerk

He put his hands and the ball down to break his fall and fumbled on the 1/2 yard line.

DadObservations01/15/05 0 comments

Atomic Spies

...a classic case of code breaking by a top-secret project called Venona.

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Force of Habit

...often, we continue everyday routines just because that's the way we've always done it...

DadObservations12/30/04 1 comments

Predicting the future

It occurred to me the other day that most of life is about predicting the future.

DadObservations12/18/04 1 comments

Photo Albums of Me in Heaven

I often find myself wondering, "Wouldn't it be cool to see a photo album collection of other people's pictures that you happen to be in?" Yes it would be outrageously cool.

DavidObservations12/07/04 2 comments

What’s in a Name?

Now that I have two daughters, I'm confused about names.

PatrickObservations12/06/04 1 comments

spill-proof coffee carrier

It all started decades ago when I saw a short item in Scientific American about a "spill-proof coffee carrier" (SPCC).

DadExplanations/Observations/Stories11/25/04 5 comments

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Hart

Rolling Stone magazine, in another "Special Collectors Issue" has listed the 500 greatest songs of all time.

DadNews/Observations/Reviews11/23/04 1 comments

Musical Keys

So I whipped out a pad of paper and started to derive the keys from first principles.

DadObservations11/23/04 1 comments

Mom, I have a driver’s license.

After a year of mom's prying, Dan finally gets an Illinois driver's license.

DanObservations11/22/04 2 comments

Athletes Brawling

In the USA, brawling athletes get fined. In Uruguay, they get jailed.

PatrickNews/Observations11/20/04 5 comments

Bush’s Certainty

Evidence of George W. Bush's delusional certainty in doing "God's will."

PatrickObservations11/02/04 0 comments

Voting for the Seamless Garment?

“Pro-Life Democrats” is an article by Jim Wallis from Sojourners magazine. It’s very good and very thought-provoking. I got the...

DavidObservations10/30/04 2 comments


Why do people get paid to write such ungrammatical garbage?

PatrickObservations10/03/04 13 comments

Q-Tips, Napster, Gun Control

Q-tips: everybody knows you buy them to stick them in your ear.

PatrickObservations10/03/04 2 comments

Survey Says!

Should small businesses be encouraged to grow and hire more workers?

DadObservations10/02/04 2 comments

The Debate

I found myself routing for the President rather than for Kerry.

DadObservations10/02/04 2 comments

Last gristle

How come the gristle's always in the last bite of the burger/taco?

PatrickObservations/Words09/25/04 2 comments

The Jeopardy Guy

You must know that Ken Jennings, The Jeopardy Guy has now surpassed all other TV show contestants in number of...

DadObservations09/18/04 2 comments

Big Fish

As boring and staid as it sounds, all of my stories have been completely true.

DadConnections/Ideas/Observations/Reviews/Stories09/09/04 6 comments

George W. Bush by the numbers

George W. Bush's left-wing enemies will have a field day with these statistics.

PatrickNews/Observations/Recommendations09/04/04 5 comments

The Church of Wal-Mart?

Forget church, get your kids jobs at Wal-Mart to teach them values.

PatrickObservations08/20/04 1 comments

Saint Paul

How he managed to get so much play in the liturgy of the word is beyond me.

DadObservations07/25/04 1 comments

The Patriot

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

DadHistories/Observations/Reviews07/04/04 0 comments

The war in Iraq

Now it seems like the decision to oust Saddam was shortsighted and foolish.

DadObservations06/26/04 0 comments

So you want to be Happy?

This makes me unhappy, which, if you read the article, is a _good_ thing.

DadObservations06/22/04 0 comments

Who will win American Survivor?

Now that "the people" can vote for a Survivor winner, who will we choose?

PatrickObservations05/12/04 4 comments

Stupid vs. Going Far

In the matrix of stupidy vs. days on Survivor, Jenna is tops!

PatrickObservations05/11/04 7 comments

Famous Maddens

Are you related to John Madden? Yes, but not the one you're thinking of.

PatrickObservations05/01/04 9 comments

Internet commerce

Anything you can do by hand you can do with a computer, in about twice the time.

DadObservations04/24/04 1 comments

The Meaning of Relativity

In other words... the fact that light speed is everywhere the same leads irrefutably to the conclusion that E = mc2.

DadConnections/Ideas/Observations/Reviews04/07/04 0 comments


If peaches are not "peach" colored, then what is?

PatrickObservations03/06/04 6 comments

Recycling Writing

Ian Frazier has now published three similar essays about getting plastic bags out of trees.

PatrickObservations03/02/04 14 comments

Gay Marriage

an abomination by any other name still stinks to high heaven

DadObservations03/02/04 4 comments

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

If one of them was abruptly asked to strike another, he would do so without hesitation, even if it was his mother and he had an ax in his hand.

DavidObservations02/27/04 3 comments

Things the Lord hates

There are six things the Lord hates--�no, seven

DadObservations02/21/04 4 comments

Google Holidays

You may have noticed that on many holidays Google creates an illustrated adaptation of their logo to celebrate.

DanObservations02/15/04 0 comments

House Hunting

Some things I've learned while house hunting here in Utah, submitted for your potential benefit.

PatrickObservations02/14/04 0 comments

One Hundred Years of Oprah

I saw a huge eyesore of a logo on it. It was the Oprah Book Club logo.

DanObservations02/04/04 4 comments

Stupid Things You’re Good At

Get your portrait drawn with Stevie Nicks!

DanObservations01/27/04 3 comments

Oven heat

I got to thinking lately about leaving the oven on to heat the kitchen.

DadIdeas/Observations/Questions/Recommendations/Suggestions12/15/03 13 comments

The Hit Machine

On Monday, Karina and I half-caught ABC’s Primetime Live, a poor-man’s 60 Minutes, on which there was a segment about...

PatrickObservations12/03/03 2 comments

To Walk or to Run?

Last night Karina and I caught an episode of Mythbusters (whose site isn’t all that detailed, but there’s a discussion...

PatrickObservations/Questions11/22/03 9 comments

How Do You Learn?

I found an article about how children learn, which I thought would be interesting to those of us in the...

KathleenObservations11/20/03 1 comments


Everybody knows where that title line comes from, the “No Fear” fearlessness campaign and apparel line. But even more directly,...

DanObservations11/04/03 1 comments

Fuel Guages

Ever wonder about measuring the amount of fuel in a cylindrical tank mounted sideways? I think about it sometimes while...

DadObservations/Puzzles10/23/03 2 comments

Late Entries

So, I’m still awake in the middle of the night (what’s going on with this??) and I commented on Dan’s...

KathleenObservations10/15/03 1 comments

The Social Contract

Although Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau used the term “social contract” to theorize the need for a governing...

PatrickObservations10/08/03 24 comments

Internet Cafe

hi people. dave and i have completed our move from across the street to across the street. our place is...

DanObservations09/03/03 6 comments

Smart People Believe Weird Things

The following article appeared in the 9/02 issue of Scientific American, which David recommended to me. I found it interesting,...

DadObservations08/22/03 3 comments

Last Name Commonality

I actually read, for once, one of those unsolicited emails that Netscape sends me, and I found a link to...

PatrickObservations08/20/03 5 comments

Fluidity and Memory

Pato tackles the ever expanding "Wait one second"; his father tackles learning and language.

PatrickObservations06/21/03 2 comments

Chaos and Language

How does bilingualism influence our thoughts?

PatrickObservations06/21/03 1 comments

Rage for Order

I actually wrote this the other day, but I’ll post it now. I think it’s a small example of how...

PatrickObservations/Quotes06/21/03 3 comments

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

I started this entry earlier today, but had a computer glitch and lost it. Why is it that when you...

DadObservations06/04/03 2 comments

Memorial Day

It is raining as I get up this morning; the kind of rain that will likely last all day. It...

DadObservations05/26/03 4 comments

Truth, Reality, Nonfiction

Just briefly, because it’s (“truth, reality, nonfiction” is) a subject I could write forever about, I wanted to mention a...

PatrickObservations05/15/03 0 comments


this is my comment to the neil peart/inspirations stuff posted a bit below. i decided to turn it into a...

DanObservations05/14/03 4 comments

Worse than Harmless

Recalling Dad’s observation about negative information (where some guy told him a WPHS door was locked, but it really wasn’t),...

PatrickObservations05/13/03 0 comments

Poetry and Meaning

Dad and I were talking a little bit about the meaning of poetry because I gave him a poem to...

PatrickConnections/Funnies/Observations05/13/03 6 comments

Reflections on the Passion

For over 50 years now, Ive been listening to the passion reading on Palm Sunday. I dont recall when I...

DadObservations04/13/03 2 comments

Rock-n-Roll High School

In searching for information on J. Geils Band (see previous post), I discovered this 1974 song: “Must of Got Lost.”...

PatrickObservations04/13/03 2 comments

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

This latest chapter of my life began with a call from Bill Calvin, former Exxon friend, who retired four years...

DadObservations04/06/03 2 comments

Remembering the Titans

I caught most of Remember the Titans a couple of days ago, and it left me feeling kind of melancholy....

PatrickObservations03/17/03 3 comments

purple prose, giving things away

but i'm reading through a couple emails and reading maddenation and such, and i'm realizing that for absolutely no reason, i am in a good mood.

DanObservations03/13/03 6 comments

Negative Information, part Duh

i went into coleman-morse center one night because i was really thirsty and there were no cups (they're throwaway styrofoam).

DanObservations03/03/03 3 comments

Liking Things You’re No Good At

I hate baseball. I played Little League when I was 9 and 10, or thereabouts, and I never got a...

PatrickObservations/Questions03/03/03 9 comments