Christmas 2008

What will the Madden family come up with this year?

PatrickPlans11/08/08 15 comments


A recent NOVA episode dramatized the building of the medieval castle crushing weapon, the trebuchet (or catapult). I propose building...

DadPlans01/26/06 2 comments

Let’s Do THIS for Christmas!

Christmas 2005 in New Jersey.

DavidPlans12/05/05 3 comments


OK, we should make this over Thanksgiving.

DadPlans11/20/05 4 comments

Planning for Utah

Well, folks, I believe that if we are truly going to have a skiing Christmas this year, it will take...

KathleenIdeas/Plans11/13/04 41 comments

Summer Plans

Hi folks. I’d like to talk about my summer plans, as Davey and I are trying to coordinate so that...

KathleenPlans05/23/04 3 comments


What is everybody up to this summer? I thought I’d put an entry in here so we could have an...

DavidPlans04/02/04 7 comments

World Records I Might Try For

I found this on the Guinness World Record web site a while back: The most mosquitoes killed in five minutes...

PatrickPlans08/20/03 4 comments