I have always been fascinated with "tricky" problems

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The air is rare

...the question came up about the relationship between air pressure and altitude.

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Population Paradox

Everyone has 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, and so on.

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Combining Golfers

This is an example of math cropping up in everyday life.

DadPuzzles01/29/06 7 comments

Spherical geometry

Say that you randomly choose three points on a sphere.

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Computer Train 2

"Can we get to Convent in 30 minutes, or would it make sense to try for another station closer to here?"

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Computer Train

So we got to wondering: what is a fair fare for train service.

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You are set in front of a table with two envelopes on it.

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Got any duck food?

How many ducks get away from perfectly accurate hunters?

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Asking an embarrassing question

The first ... problem in the book concerns a psychologist trying to gather data on the percentage of people performing some embarrassing private act.

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Thar she blows

I know from past experience that you can't just leave the cover loose because the wind blows it off.

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The Puzzle Instinct

I have been reading the book _The Puzzle Instinct_, by Marcel Danesi, which was a birthday gift from my childhood friend, Kaz.

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What’d the quick brown fox do?

Mark Simonson has brought us a pangram machine. A pangram is a sentence that contains every letter of the English alphabet.

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Caesar’s Last Breath

What are the chances you just inhaled a molecule which Caesar exhaled in his dying breath?

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Fuel Guages

Ever wonder about measuring the amount of fuel in a cylindrical tank mounted sideways? I think about it sometimes while...

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Ambigrams (meaning “both” and “words”) are words that can be read in more than one way - usually they are...

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Let’s make a deal

Say you're on a game show and given a choice of three doors.

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Ask Marilyn

trying to write a 100 word paragraph without repeating a word.

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Bowling with Archimedes

Out in the lake, I drop the bowling ball overboard.

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Clocks and power failures

As you know, David emplys “bell ringers” in his teaching of science. Bell ringers are little puzzles given before class...

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Blowing up a balloon II

Remember this entry that nobody answered? I decided to answer it. I would have done it sooner, except I had...

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Rube Goldberg Reality?

Have a look at this commercial from Honda cars called “The Cog”. It’s got an amazing Rube Goldberg contraption in...

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Blowing up a balloon

Everybody has had the experience of blowing up a balloon. At first, it’s very hard. Depending on the size of...

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Flash Mind-Reader

Check out this cool site: Flash Mind-Reader Even after you “figure it out” it’s still cool!...

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