Are You A Religious Naturalist?

Are you a Religious Naturalist?

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That way I won't have to carry around any keys.

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A strange question

What's up with saber-toothed tigers?

DadQuestions05/13/08 1 comments

Saint Desmond?

Who allowed me to pick Saint Desmond as my confirmation name?

DavidQuestions11/01/06 2 comments

Why is the sky blue? and nine other important science questions

Why is the sky blue? Because it wants to be.

PatrickQuestions04/26/06 1 comments

Computer Train

So we got to wondering: what is a fair fare for train service.

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In all, Methuselah lived for nine hundred and sixty-nine years; then he died.

DadQuestions01/15/05 4 comments

Thar she blows

I know from past experience that you can't just leave the cover loose because the wind blows it off.

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What does gold taste like?

After eating greens and plantains every day, this stuff tastes like gold. Sarge, of Survivor Vanuatu, after winning the reward...

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Which style do you use?

Mile Run? Tower of Terror? Journey to Atlantis? Which style is your style?

PatrickQuestions09/17/04 5 comments

Mice in the Attic

How exactly do mice get all the way up into the attic? The stairs?

PatrickQuestions04/19/04 3 comments

Oven heat

I got to thinking lately about leaving the oven on to heat the kitchen.

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To Walk or to Run?

Last night Karina and I caught an episode of Mythbusters (whose site isn’t all that detailed, but there’s a discussion...

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umm. Is there need for another? This word/town stands alone, as the most easily misread word, where when you do...

DavidQuestions11/04/03 1 comments

What do you see?

I was reading something somewhere online today and i saw the word “CAPSLOCK”. What do you read that word as...

DanQuestions11/04/03 16 comments

Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Sports

Dick’s son goes to Notre Dame and ran for student body president last year. he promised to bring big-name bands...

DanQuestions09/10/03 1 comments

Who do YOU wear?

i was looking at an online designer discussion blog (lots of big names on this), (scroll down a ways...

DanQuestions07/31/03 6 comments

Equal Rights?

Before heading out the ND for the reunion and moving Dan, I thought I’d make an interesting post. I had...

DavidQuestions07/24/03 6 comments

Interview Questions

ok everybody, here are the tentative interview questions.

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Managing comments

Here are some suggested improvements.

DadQuestions03/04/03 7 comments

Liking Things You’re No Good At

I hate baseball. I played Little League when I was 9 and 10, or thereabouts, and I never got a...

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Never Say Goodbye

We’ve noticed before, with a combination of wonder, admiration, and chagrin, how lots of television people (i.e. Fox Mulder) never...

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