Paper or plastic?

paper, plastic, environment, presentation

DadRecommendations08/02/08 1 comments

Adventures of Power

Neil Peart makes his big-screen debut (as a live actor, not a cartoon) in this air-drumming movie.

PatrickRecommendations02/08/08 1 comments

Coming January 25

He's back.

DadRecommendations12/18/07 1 comments

What we have in common

For the most part, technology has continued to save our butts, but at a price.

DadRecommendations11/11/07 0 comments

Gilbert Arenas’s Blog

NBA star Gilbert Arenas is officially my favorite basketball player. It's been unofficial for a couple years, but after hearing reporter Mike Wilbon talk about it several times I decided to look up Gilbert's blog.

DanRecommendations10/30/07 0 comments

Adult Swim Low Bandwidth Site

How to do a low-bandwith version of your website.

PatrickRecommendations03/31/07 1 comments

Unhappy Meals

Unhappy Meals by Michael Pollan discusses 'nutritionism' and the Western diet, and our need to eat whole foods.

DavidRecommendations01/28/07 1 comments

The Evolution of Dance

A comedian does a lot of dance moves in a row.

PatrickFunnies/Movies/Recommendations05/19/06 1 comments

TBS LoTR commercials

TBS says "It's not easy being a tiny man with hairy feet, especially when you have the One Ring."

PatrickFunnies/Movies/Recommendations04/13/06 3 comments

Why We Fight

Jarecki was influenced by Eisenhower's "military-industrial complex" speech

DadRecommendations01/28/06 1 comments

Jason Whitlock is a racist

"The Great Weis Hope is beating marginal teams with a Willingham-recruited quarterback."

PatrickRecommendations11/06/05 7 comments

College football ranking system

A network-based algorithm for ranking college football teams.

PatrickRecommendations10/16/05 1 comments

My Writing Portfolio

In the words of John Cougar Mellencamp, "Check it out."

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A bacon recipe every day


PatrickRecommendations08/15/05 0 comments


What happened to the “home” key on this site. You can go to the next/previous entry, or “July”, or various...

DadRecommendations07/29/05 4 comments

Clean up your language

maddening English language errors you hear and read everyday

DadRecommendations07/26/05 1 comments

Red or Blue?

I live in a blue state, but got labeled "a little red."

DadRecommendations04/09/05 3 comments

U2 and Philosophy

U2 are philosophers. Rock on.

PatrickRecommendations03/23/05 5 comments


Steely Dan isn't one guy?

PatrickRecommendations03/15/05 0 comments

Patron Saint of the Internet

I struggled with what category to put this in, but does it really matter? I was surfing around the Drudge...

DadRecommendations02/24/05 0 comments

The Progressive Story of America

He is fearful that our democracy has been taken over by self-serving special interests, who pay lip service to the common good while they give the rich and powerful special favors.

DadRecommendations01/31/05 0 comments

What about the interview of Geddy Lee?

Q: Was there any particular shampoo that you used at all, Geddy? A: Yeah. Well, I can see this interview is going into a very boring direction for me.

PatrickFunnies/Recommendations01/28/05 2 comments

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Dave Barry reviews several must-have gifts for the holiday season.

PatrickFunnies/Recommendations12/21/04 0 comments

The Most Accurately Rated Bands

Not overrated, not underrated, right-on rated.

PatrickRecommendations12/14/04 0 comments

That Darn Dragon

Check out Rush's newest music video!

PatrickRecommendations12/03/04 2 comments

Super Size Me

I just saw this movie the other night. I recommend you go rent it and give it a watch. It’s...

DavidRecommendations10/17/04 3 comments

Our footprints

Let me recommend to you I came across it while researching info for my ecology unit. Take the short...

DavidRecommendations10/07/04 16 comments

George W. Bush by the numbers

George W. Bush's left-wing enemies will have a field day with these statistics.

PatrickNews/Observations/Recommendations09/04/04 5 comments

On The Issues

NPR has a page on their site titled, On The Issues, where you can listen to what each candidate has...

DavidNews/Recommendations/Suggestions08/09/04 0 comments

Mother’s Cookies

Mother's Cookies are good.

PatrickRecommendations08/02/04 0 comments

Vote Smart

Here’s a site that was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is more politically active than most...

DadRecommendations06/02/04 4 comments

This novel, no verbs

A French writer has produced a novel with no verbs.

PatrickRecommendations05/11/04 1 comments

How to Fold your Shirt

Now you can fold your t-shirts in two quick motions.

DanRecommendations05/11/04 12 comments

Worst Songs Ever

Blender magazine picks their worst 50 songs ever.

PatrickRecommendations04/24/04 1 comments

U.S. Military Intervention

What do U.S. military interventions and Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture have in common? Not much, but...

PatrickRecommendations04/19/04 1 comments

(Online) Museum of Bad Art

This is the (Online) Museum of Bad Art.

DanRecommendations03/09/04 3 comments

Feeling Badly

Do you feel badly? Are you a bad feeler? Is it in your hands or in your heart?

PatrickRecommendations03/08/04 2 comments


You want the chills? Read this. My question is this - why does the very mention of The Miracle give...

DavidRecommendations02/05/04 5 comments

NPR’s Typewriter Sentences Competition

NPR asked readers/listeners to come up with sentences using only their left hands on the keyboard...

DanRecommendations01/24/04 2 comments

Sidewalk Drawing

This is a must see. Some guy making sidewalk pictures. Enjoy.

DanRecommendations01/21/04 2 comments

Google’s Sense of Humor

I just now noticed that Google has a News service where you can check in for current events or search...

PatrickRecommendations01/14/04 0 comments

Trans Fats

I thought I would pass along some relatively new information about eating and dieting. It follows all of the recent...

DavidRecommendations12/15/03 1 comments

Oven heat

I got to thinking lately about leaving the oven on to heat the kitchen.

DadIdeas/Observations/Questions/Recommendations/Suggestions12/15/03 13 comments

Why Arial is Bad

Joining Pat’s “Why Kenny G is Bad” post is this article, letting you know why arial is the most hated...

DanRecommendations11/12/03 14 comments

The Last Straw?

I knew that Macs were less susceptible to viruses, but I didn’t know that in the past two years since...

PatrickRecommendations10/29/03 9 comments

The Elegant Universe

Family, It sure is an elegant universe we live in, don’t you think? I am therefore recommending that we all...

DavidRecommendations10/28/03 5 comments

Flash Fibonacci

Textism, a very cool site, has a short Flash presentation on some of the beautiful mysteries of the Fibonacci series....

PatrickRecommendations10/23/03 2 comments

Political Cartoons

a neat site for checking out political cartoons.

DadFunnies/News/Recommendations10/22/03 1 comments

Tony Chachere

I ws in a hurry to get something for a Church potluck dinner on Saturday, and I stumbled upon Tony...

PatrickRecommendations10/08/03 3 comments


If you want a quick fix for flagging energy levels there's no better snack than a banana.

DadRecommendations09/03/03 3 comments

Microsoft Outlook vs. Plumbing

As the first member of our family to switch computer platforms, and knowing that others have followed suit or are...

PatrickRecommendations08/27/03 5 comments

Ted Leo

When I was a freshman at Notre Dame, the guy in the room below mine used to jam out on...

PatrickRecommendations08/21/03 4 comments

Edison’s Movies

The Library of Congress has online versions of some of Edison's earliest films.

PatrickMovies/Recommendations08/03/03 0 comments

National Do Not Call Registry

Maybe you all there in the USA know about this already? Sign up to get your phone removed from telemarketers’...

PatrickRecommendations07/20/03 1 comments

Test Your 80s Knowledge

Think you know the 80s? Try this quiz to find out. I got a 69 (I missed a lot of...

PatrickRecommendations07/19/03 5 comments

Why Kenny G is Bad

I always have a hard time justifying my opinion that certain bands or musicians are bad while others are good....

PatrickRecommendations07/19/03 5 comments

A Word a Day

Today I found a site that I’m interested in, and I thought others of us might like it too. It’s...

PatrickRecommendations07/19/03 1 comments

Martin Sheen Interview

Those of you who like Martin Sheen (Dave? Mom?) might be interested in an interview with him in this month’s...

PatrickRecommendations07/18/03 0 comments

Fun with Words

There’s a very interesting article at the Guardian (UK) online about the origins of some fairly common words and phrases....

PatrickRecommendations07/14/03 2 comments

How to Write

While I’m at it, Kevin Guilfoile’s co-writer on that My First Presidentiary book is John Warner, a professor at Virginia...

PatrickRecommendations07/07/03 0 comments

Utilitarian Ethics

I’m trying to get Dan to get a job at Coudal Associates, a design company in Chicago where works one...

PatrickRecommendations07/07/03 2 comments

Fantastic Art Online

I don’t even remember how I got to this site, but it’s full of beautiful Japanese woodcuts (by a variety...

PatrickRecommendations07/01/03 1 comments

Our Perfect Summer

There is a new David Sedaris essay called Our Perfect Summer in the New Yorker this week. He’s normally a...

PatrickRecommendations06/30/03 0 comments

Why We Write

This is a sort of followup to the Practice Writing entry by Dad, but I wanted to get the quote...

PatrickQuotes/Recommendations06/12/03 0 comments

God’s Grandeur

I’ll try not to turn this site into a repository for others’ poems, but here’s one more, and a recommendation...

PatrickQuotes/Recommendations06/12/03 0 comments

Writing Skills

Iíve been thinking about what I do well in writing and have decided that Iím pretty good at lists. And...

PatrickRecommendations06/11/03 2 comments


This is a good, scary article from the Weekly Standard about spam. One good thing to do about spam is...

PatrickRecommendations06/10/03 2 comments

Lord of the Rings & Noam Chomsky

I was hoping to extend my uncommented streak (it was at 7, going back to May 15th), but then you...

PatrickRecommendations06/08/03 2 comments

Nature v. Nurture

An interesting article from Time Magazine on new ideas from the human genome project and the weight of experience on...

PatrickRecommendations05/29/03 3 comments

Capturing the Friedmans

Capturing the Friedmans is a documentary about a child molestation case in Long Island in the late 80s.

PatrickRecommendations05/29/03 2 comments

Gustave Dore

I’ve always liked Gustave Dore’s engravings of the Bible, but I could never find them online except on a Koren...

PatrickRecommendations05/29/03 0 comments

New Deal Support for the Arts

From I got a link to a government archives page of New Deal supported artwork. I found the artwork...

PatrickRecommendations05/01/03 2 comments

Saddam’s Will

Here is another piece from the New Yorker that’s funny and a half. Dig it if you can....

PatrickRecommendations04/20/03 1 comments

Example Piece

Here is an example of what I mean with my idea for a New Yorker humor piece. This one is...

PatrickRecommendations04/20/03 3 comments

Mother Jones Political Cartoons

I was looking for some Ian Frazier stuff today on the Mother Jones site, and I came across some mighty...

PatrickRecommendations04/02/03 0 comments

Holy tree house, Batman!

In continuing the recent tradition of exclaiming our entry titles (!) I bring you this site, whose design and pictures...

PatrickRecommendations03/28/03 0 comments

A lot of sites are linking to these totally hilarious (sometimes vulgar, be forewarned) interpretations of the government’s new warning...

PatrickRecommendations03/19/03 4 comments

Favorite Song Essays

McSweeney’s, a weird literary site that publishes a magazine and some anthologies (in print) has a section of essays on...

PatrickRecommendations03/18/03 1 comments

Mundane Behavior

He talked about a "rapidly expanding genre" that could be lumped together under the rubric "mundane studies."

DadConnections/Funnies/Ideas/Recommendations03/08/03 2 comments

Flash Mind-Reader

Check out this cool site: Flash Mind-Reader Even after you “figure it out” it’s still cool!...

PatrickPuzzles/Recommendations03/03/03 3 comments


Steve Stewart's translation of "Tattoos" is on Poetry Daily.

PatrickRecommendations03/02/03 0 comments