New Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains has a new singer and a really good new album.

PatrickSounds11/11/09 0 comments

Rush “Far Cry”

Rush has made their new song, "Far Cry," available on their website.

PatrickSounds03/12/07 0 comments

Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen

In his video titled "Amateur," Lasse has taken video of himself playing drums and piano and cut the final video so each note of his original song reveals itself like a stop-motion film.

DanSounds12/13/06 1 comments

Don’t Download This Song

Weird Al's latest, "Don't Download This Song".

DavidSounds08/23/06 3 comments

The Fruit Guys

I can almost imagine Lucy, in the sky, with her diamonds, looking down in appreciation.

DadSounds07/30/06 3 comments

Hunter the Punter

Hunter Smith singing about his role as the holder for a great field goal kicker.

DadSounds02/21/06 2 comments

The Robotic Drum Machine

The P.E.A.R.T. is a Pneumatic and Electronic Actuated RoboT and it plays programmed midi file drum parts.

DanSounds08/19/05 3 comments

Thanks, but no thanks

A Swedish band covers Rush's "Limelight."

PatrickObservations/Sounds08/17/05 3 comments

The Tords Reunite!

After a ten-year hiatus (time for marriage, children, school, and other pursuits), The Tords will reunite for a recording session...

PatrickNews/Sounds11/12/03 2 comments

Panis Angelicus

“Panis Angelicus” had to be on this site, so here it is. This is an MP3 file, compressed into a...

PatrickMemories/Sounds03/01/03 2 comments