A Loose Seal in the Water

The other week Billy and I were surfing in Venice and I saw a dog swimming out in the water farther out past the break than we were. Billy pointed it out, I was like, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?? A DOG??? And he was like, NO! IT'S A SEAL!! I was like, A SEAL?? AAHHHH!!

DanStories10/27/09 1 comments

Life’s little complexities

Sometimes you do your best and random unforeseen events/mistakes sabotage your efforts.

DadStories11/17/07 2 comments

Pato wonders about Grandpa’s upbringing

"What time was it when grandpa was born?"

PatrickStories01/12/06 6 comments

Scale for masochists

She took a deep breath and said, "How depressing."

DadFunnies/News/Stories02/26/05 3 comments

spill-proof coffee carrier

It all started decades ago when I saw a short item in Scientific American about a "spill-proof coffee carrier" (SPCC).

DadExplanations/Observations/Stories11/25/04 5 comments

Big Fish

As boring and staid as it sounds, all of my stories have been completely true.

DadConnections/Ideas/Observations/Reviews/Stories09/09/04 6 comments

Madden Diseases

One practice we enjoyed was putting names to certain “conditions” we later called “Madden diseases.”

DadMemories/Stories06/27/04 16 comments

Endurance Predator

Enurance Predator is an article I just read from “The Best American Science and Nature Writing - 2001” (while proctoring...

DavidStories06/03/04 2 comments


Last night I had a dream about Leon Uris.

DadStories05/04/04 1 comments


Pato was in the "tree house" sitting quietly on the upper level.

DadStories04/15/04 2 comments

3-D photos

So the lesson for all of us is, never throw anything away. You might need it later.

DadFunnies/News/Stories04/08/04 4 comments


I found out later that the bank's computer (running all by itself again, after a night out drinking) had tried to cash the check and found that my account couldn't cover it because it was not letting me have the money I had deposited.

DadStories04/02/04 8 comments

(Root) Beer

When Pato says his favorite drink is beer, his kindergarten teacher freaks.

PatrickStories03/06/04 5 comments