Where do we get all this stuff?

Ever wonder where does stuff come from? This 20-minute video attempts to explain. I don’t agree with it all, but...

DadStuffs07/15/09 4 comments

Once in a while table

Who can be the first to watch every one?...

DadStuffs10/01/08 1 comments

Cudding edge research

cows like to align themselves in the north-south direction

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Weird stuff

Brain in a petri dish flies an F-22 jet simulator.

DadStuffs01/16/08 1 comments

Science Tats

Carl Zimmer’s The Loom has a cool post titled, “Branded with Science.” It’s all about folks getting science tattoos. Kinda...

DavidStuffs09/27/07 1 comments

Jumper Hit by Long Javelin

How many worms have been destroyed by javelins?

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Banksy is an awesome graffiti artist.

DavidStuffs06/20/07 3 comments

World’s Largest Media Trivia Contest

The teams are allowed to use any resource they can muster in order to answer the questions in the time it takes to play a couple songs on the sponsoring radio station.

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Sebastien Foucan and his sport - Parkour/Freerunning.

DavidStuffs04/01/07 2 comments

“Significances located in the image”

Family discussion of photographs establishes a "verbal context delineating..." Hum!?

PatrickStuffs02/27/07 0 comments

Computer imaging

I “stumbled” onto this site where the guy shows you how he photoshopped a haunted house image from things just...

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After a Long Absence

For some reason, maddenation decided to let me on this time instead of frustrating me into leaving the site without...

KathleenStuffs08/16/06 1 comments

Vision of Hell

Hell consists of only one task, carried out for all eternity.

DadStuffs05/29/06 2 comments

The stuff of stars

They were talking about Voyager and Carl Sagen and the vastness of space and our own insignificance in it.

DadStuffs05/12/06 1 comments

Transcendental Meditation


DadStuffs09/30/05 1 comments

Computers and common sense

Here's a conversation I had with intellibuddy.

DadStuffs05/21/05 3 comments

Urban Legends

Take this quiz!

DadStuffs02/19/05 8 comments

How to tell if you’ve got too much stuff

Do you trip over things in your house?

DadStuffs01/31/05 2 comments

How much information is there?

According to Lesk, enough disk storage space has already been sold to contain all the information there is.

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Forever Loving Rush

For some reason I always bring up Rush during class. You know how it is, things come up - and...

DavidStuffs08/26/04 3 comments

Best Movie Lines

Amazingly, the first four entries in this Entertainment Weekly list of "Best movie lines ever" are from _The Princess Bride_.

DadConnections/Movies/Quotes/Stuffs08/04/04 2 comments

Something I Never Thought of


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This belongs on Maddenation.

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Solving the World’s Problems, One at a Time

How I ended up creating the Morrison Elementary School's new email notification system.

PatrickStuffs01/09/04 3 comments

Test Entry

A test entry that lets me change the Individual Archive Template, rebuild the test entry, and see what happens, without rebuilding the entire site (which takes too long).

PatrickStuffs12/09/03 8 comments

Where’s Bill Watterson?

Bill Watterson is the Beatles, the Michael Jordan of cartoons. He was the greatest ever, he was wildly popular but...

PatrickStuffs12/05/03 1 comments

Open the door and let ’em in.

This link is the perfect entry for the “Stuffs” category. It is a site where songs are spliced together and...

DanStuffs12/02/03 2 comments

Idle Pursuits

Remember that guy who wrote a journal of everything he ever did? (Dad, if you still have the link, I’ll...

PatrickStuffs11/26/03 5 comments

I’m Number One!

I said to myself, "No way am I the first person to vote on this. There's usually 70,000 votes when I vote."

DanStuffs11/25/03 1 comments

Voiceover Guys

This was a good find. Richard Schoen is a voiceover guy whose voice you will recognize. I listened to a...

DanStuffs11/13/03 11 comments

Orson Scott Card on Song Sharing

Orson Scott Card is a Mormon science fiction writer. I’ve read and enjoyed some of his books. He wrote a...

PatrickStuffs11/03/03 3 comments

Give me a D!

Okay, everyone: Let’s do this together, for our brother who’s in need: Give me a D! (D!) Give me an...

KathleenStuffs10/17/03 2 comments

IQ Test

I just got an email from saying I was a high scorer in their IQ test, so they’re giving...

PatrickStuffs10/16/03 24 comments

Dream Job

When I was a kid, I dreamed of having this job...

PatrickStuffs10/14/03 1 comments

Comment Spam: Why?

Like you, I was wondering what possible benefit a spammer could get from posting a comment on an old entry...

PatrickStuffs10/14/03 4 comments


From my A Word A Day email today. Excellent: octothorpe (OK-tuh-thorp) noun: The symbol #. [The symbol # is derived...

PatrickStuffs10/08/03 6 comments


Just the other day, I told a guy I work with to check out Maddenation, and he entered it with...

PatrickStuffs09/29/03 2 comments


Patrick. Hello everybody. My dad is helping me type. It is taking forever....

PatoStuffs08/28/03 4 comments


On page 260 of Oliver Sacks’s book, Uncle Tungsten, he writes, in discussing the Curies and their research into radioactive...

DadStuffs05/13/03 1 comments


Tonight both Pato and Adi said part of the prayer. Adi began “Thank you for food.” Pato said “Thank you...

PatrickStuffs04/30/03 1 comments

AVP Volleyballs

For all you volleyball players out there, I’ve been able to purchase the new AVP ball for half price! That’s...

KathleenStuffs04/09/03 5 comments


I just wanted to see my picture. Sorry, Pat, I’ll write something profound later. Happy Birthday, man. You’re the best....

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negative information

How about a new category: information you’d be better off not knowing. Today I went to Whippany Park High School...

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