Going through the motions

Yes, it's just going through the motions, but it is also performing a vital government function.

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Cute little words

save the words

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Andy Foulds site

This guy is good.

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Moulin Rouge

I thought of Dan when we got to the posters of the "Moulin Rouge."

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I may as well tell you that experts say you'll be happier if you have friends at work. (Duh?)

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On The Issues

NPR has a page on their site titled, On The Issues, where you can listen to what each candidate has...

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The MJ of Nerds

Basically, if The Sports Guy says it/writes it, I believe it. This weeks article, The Summer of the Jeopardy Guy...

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Shake up the world.

There's these new commercials for Linux/IBM and Adidas featuring Muhammad Ali.

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Oven heat

I got to thinking lately about leaving the oven on to heat the kitchen.

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Annika Sorenstam

i was wondering about the whole “woman playing in a PGA tournament” thing today, and i decided to do some...

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here’s an article about restructuring the current keyboard layout. it raises the question (at least to me), how much faster...

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What Is Your Brain Type?

Check out these online tests to determine whether you have a female or male brain (i.e. empathizing or systemizing). I...

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