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Yesterday, Pato and I invented a great Madden game. It is truly awesome. We’ll be playing this game forever.

We had gone to Boy Scouts for a special Thanksgiving-week meeting, and none of the other boys were there. But we had four adult leaders (Scoutmaster Jeff Ray, Jamie Stoddart, Scott Thayn, and me), and since Pato is the self-appointed troop Gamemaster, we decided to just go straight to the games portion of our meeting. Pato had looked up a game beforehand, and he’d brought along a small soft/plush soccer ball and a Danny Kinda bandanna. We tried at first to play the game Pato had looked up (one guy sits with his back to the ball and to the rest; they try to sneak up and steal the ball; he tries to catch them), but we were having trouble with the “rules” (or lack thereof), so we brainstormed a bit about what else we could play. Here is what (mostly) I came up with:


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On Travels with Eduardo…and Patrick

Reading the title, I have no great expectations regarding Patrick’s recent essay in The Pedestrian, notwithstanding that it was written by my son (with whom I am well pleased). As I get into it, however, it opens up into an experience of unimagined delight.

On the first page, Patrick tells his readers that this essay is about Eduardo Galeano, whose book, The Open Veins of Latin America, was ostentatiously delivered to President Obama by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez at the “Summit of the Americas” in 2009. Does this add or detract from Galeano’s legacy? I don’t know.


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An outrageous poem

This is a poem I uncovered while paging through a Google search on my great grandfather’s name. I make no apologies for putting you in touch with Krunchie Killeen, but maybe I’ll attempt to look him up when I’m next in Dublin. I don’t plan on buying his book, but you can if you like.


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Solar wind

Read this, you whippersnappers, and understand what a generation with vision (and the threat of Communist world domination) could do.

I was alive when Sputnik beeped across the sky and awakened the dreams and innovations of a generation of space explorers, for whom the moon shot and what came beyond was more exciting than a hundred Super Bowls (Sputnik predates Super Bowl I by ten years and Lombardy’s first year as Packers coach by two). I am probably an engineer today because of that excitement and the dreams of a legendary President who demanded 50-years ago that we “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” How poignant that we also mark this week the passing of Sargent Shriver, who Kennedy picked to head his Peace Corp. What a silly, idealistic idea that was. What a benchmark for measuring what we’ve lost in a half century.


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My choir director pointed out this link.

Apparently it was made in 1972 by an Italian pop singer who wanted to produce a gibberish song that sounds like what English sounds like to Italians!

Here is the same link with crazy subtitles.

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The Cole Compendium

Our 2010 Christmas experiment was the hexaflexagon, but we didn’t have much time to all get together and do it. I’m sorry for my lackluster participation. Perhaps in the future we could make or at least learn how to use the Cole Compendium a kind of Swiss-Army knife of scientific instruments. Just the sheer awesomeness of this device sends shivers down my spine!

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Montana vs. Rudy

What this recent college football blog post doesn’t tell us is why Joe Montana only now is speaking out about the factual inaccuracies in the movie version of the Rudy story. I have to laugh at the timing, and maybe at the characterization of Montana as a kind of crusader for truth.

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Happiness and Simple Living

Here is a nice article on living simply and the state of our happiness. It goes into a bit of the psychology of buying stuff vs. having experiences. I liked best the parts about simple living - this one couple decided to downsize to only 100 personal items. Yikes. Here’s the woman’s blog The article (and blog) at the very least offers lots to ponder. Like right now I’m looking into the blog post on something I could use - a digital sabbatical.

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BYU’s parody of Old Spice commercial

Not sure how much we should laugh at this one, but it’s not too bad, I think:

(thanks to Dave for finally getting me to come out of my cave and see those Old Spice commercials).

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My massive body

As this article points out, the body mass index, or Quetelet index, was invented over 150 years ago by a Belgian “polymath” who was interested in a statistical correlation for populations of people rather than individuals. It is equal to your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. The problem is that weight, generally speaking, ought to be proportional to height cubed. So increasing a person’s dimensions in a proportional way automatically increases his/her body mass index, even if body fat remains constant.


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